Monday 6 October 2008

mustn't grumble

I would like to thank you all for your lovely comments, there's nothing like a new comment to cheer one up.

When something profound happens in my life I take on the guise of Socartes and think deep; So I've become quite good at deep thinking then. So whats my point I hear you ask?

I'm naming 2008 the year of the grumble.
Firstly I realise I'm about to grumble about grumbling I'm not a complete hippocrit, I'll pretend I'm on room 101.

Why do we relish a good old moan? I admit to being the first to put in my two pennies worth.
The number one place to hear the Great British grumble is on public transport. After my fourth bus ride today I'd composed this post over and over in my head.
All became clear today. 'Stop grumbling please!'.
I'd much rather over hear a conversation on how well little Jimmy's doing at school, how cute Lily's kitten is or how yummy cupcakes are, opposed to today's quotes: that man in the denim jacket looks shady; he could have burst that tyre on the curb, I don't need that I'm ill enough already; I've had pneumonia you know; he's braking to hard we might crash. You get the gist.

So the bus grumbles made me realise, I'm fed up with it, lets stop it now.

After I made this monumental decision of thinking positive my bus turned up just as I arrived, that never happens.

That reminded me of Earl. I felt jolly smug on that bus ride, like it was good karma that sent me the bus, all because I'd began to think positively. It really worked, my life was better already! Until...

.. my next bus was 45 minutes late!

What would you put in room 101?


JuliaB said...

Hello! I have only just got here after a few days away. I am really dreadfully sorry to hear about your grandma. I can't say anything to make you feel better, as I know how inconsolable I would be. But I will give you my favourite mantra which is KBO. Keep Buggering On. It worked for Churchill!! Thinking of you. xx

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

I too, am very sad to hear about your darling Grandma.
Lots of cheer up wishes are going your way...
Debbie Moss

Country Bliss said...

Now at least you get buses, the only buses out here are full of sightseers apart from the school bus that is.
I would put patronising people into room 101.
Thanks for your email, the feather thing is strange isn't it?
Yvonne x