Wednesday 20 April 2011

just a chair

Whilst most of you were interested 
in my last 'fun' post 
on saving energy,
I fear I may have offended?
So here's a bit of mindless enjoyment.

I failed to tell you with the turquoise chair,
that I have 5 more, all for the princely sum of £15
(from the dump).
I'm going to paint the four chairs
and leave the arm chairs wooden.
This chair is painted in a grey satinwood,
paint I already had from painting shelves.
If I have offended anyone
keep it to yourself :O)

thanks x


Diane said...

What have I missed? Are you inciting a riot?
Love the chairs - such a great a womble. Yes I will be heading to our fave place and I will be leaving you some treasure to find! xxxxxx

Hoola Tallulah said...

I have these very same chairs and am waiting for a sunny day off (ha as if!) so I can paint them, I have red paint, baby blue, candy pink and grass green, total cath kidston style (to match the cath placemats we use). One day I will get it done, in the meantime drooling over yours and the sweet little crochet seat pad!

Mary said...

Love the chair...and the seat cushion!

andamento said...

I seemed to have missed something too.

Anyway, the chair is looking great in its new coat of paint and with that rather fab crocheted cushion pad cover too, hadn't thought of them before...

Pomona said...

You would never offend me by talking about energy saving! We have an Owlet which is similar - it made a huge difference to us, and now we turn everything off at the socket, and never leave anything on standby. The visual evidence was great at converting the children.

Pomona x

PS love the chair, too!

Simone said...

How on earth can you offend on a harmless energy post?!!! The chairs were a great bargain and look lovely painted up.

Floss said...

I'd love to see what could offend anyone in this post - I'm almost trying to get worked up just to see if it's possible! But it's not. Chair - lovely. Last post - funny and useful. So, no offence here...

Vintage Tea Time said...

Lovely chairs! Can't imagine how anyone could be offended by your ladt - interesting and useful - post? X

Cathy said...

oh Yummy chairs- what a find!
Enjoy the revamping

ps, yes keep cake decorating simple, unless you are clever at that sort of thing...or use cutters or pre-made things!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

What a bargain with the chairs, I love the grey!
Vivienne x (unoffended) ;)

Anonymous said...

Fab bargainous chairs! Not sure why anyone would be iffy at your last post - what was wrong with it? Seemed perfectly normal to me!

♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

Lovely chair, the crocheted seat pad is gorgeous. What a fantastic idea.

I enjoyed your last post about energy saving, I'm still wondering if it would be possible to give up hoovering and ironing ;0) x

potterjotter said...

I can beat that - I picked up two for a tenner last year from a charity shop - but yours look nicer. Please come and paint mine?