Tuesday 19 April 2011

geeky but quite interesting

So my husband got this gadget
free from southern electric.
Don't ask me what he did to get it 
because I don't know!
It measures how many watts of electricity
we use
(amongst other nerdy things!)
Thought you might like a
heads up on
the good the bad and the ugly!!
The one above  46 is the basic usage
including fridge, clocks etc.
We are looking at the big number here!
From low to high,
here we go with the good!!
sewing machine
washing machine 30 degrees
And now for the bad!!
hair dryer
 vacuum cleaner
And the grand finale..
the ugly!!
the humble kettle!!!
makes you think doesn't it?

At least now I know how we save money,
by not using the baddies LOL!!
Don't think I could give up tea though!!

ps. I can do requests!
not sure about the whole leaving things on stand by?
My husband doesnt believe in it.
I shall have to do another experiment.

pps. not that I'm addicted or anything.
leaving my lap top adaptor switched on at the wall
yet not actually charging
doesnt use any electricity,
not that it should, but I always worry,
but now I don't have too!

this blog post is supposed to be a fun
look on how household appliances use energy,
and to help you work out ways of paying less electricity.
We were in know way made to have this gadget!


elsy said...

i must be geeky cos i want one...then i can drive everyone even more mad about leaving appliances, lights on etc ha ha...love the runner by the way

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Looks like you'll have to give up ironing and vacuuming then! ;)
That means more time for sewing! :)
Vivienne x

♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

I would love one of these gadgets!! I can get one free from my supplier if I sign up for direct debit, which I might well do.

Oh well, with those high readings I might just have to give up housework :) x

Clare said...

OMG I must be a geek too - I so want one of those...and I am with Southern Electric so must investigate.

Kat_RN said...

Nice to know about the lap top, mine tends to stay hooked up too. Who would have thought the Kettle would be so bad though. Isn't it a neccessity?
I love to sew but haven't for a while. Thanks for the inspiration.

Jenny Bartoy said...

Oh this is fascinating! I always leave the iron plugged in while I'm sewing and cutting fabric and all kinds of other things. It has an automatic switch-off but still...

Simone said...

Tea making and ironing is off the agenda then! Pity cos I quite enjoy ironing. I would love one of those geeky gadgets!

VintageVicki said...

I'd love one of those - except it might tell me off for having my computer on all day *blush*

Serenata said...

Oh I better make sure my hubby doesn't get one of those as it would be just the perfect addition to his geek collection of gadgets! Bad news about the kettle!

Lisa said...

Just in the info I needed to encourage me to doless ironing, like I needed that much encouragement! I knew kettles used a lot, but that is A LOT more. This is v interesting!
Lisa x

{Love, Love, Love} said...

Facinating! I bet hair straighteners would be really ugly! Hmmmm....x

Jacey said...

Thats it no more hoovering or ironing, I have actually started filling a big flask full of coffee in the morning and drinking it throughout the day, only boiling the kettle once, more to do with idleness though rather than energy saving. xx

Lyn said...

Now you can see why they have a surge when it's the adverts in between Coronation street-all those kettles!

Cathy said...

Ha ha ! I was going to say that it is only really nerdy if you switch all your appliances on to see how much electricity they use!! Not that we did it too ***whistles innocently!***

Floss said...

Brilliant post! I'd really like to know what you discover about leaving TVs etc on standby, as it's the only thing Ben and I disagree about. I turn off everything at the wall at night, and he thinks it makes no difference. The bloomin' DVD player HUMS - it MUST be using power! Oh dear, I'm shouting now... But otherwise he is a thrifty and green housholder, honest.

Tinyholder said...

You'll probably laugh, but I when there is a soap finale on (say when Phil got shot in Eastenders) they actually have to up the power at the power station for all the kettles simultaneously boiling. That's a geek fact from a geeky scientist! :-)