Sunday 3 April 2011

spring runner update

 Always show your workings out,
so I was taught at school.
Here is how I worked out Rashidas pattern for the sew-along,
one that Rashida herself is taking part in.
As I consider myself still a newbie to 
machine sewn patchwork
there was quite a lot of head scratching.
 My runner is based around the vintage flower fabric,
which lent itself quite nicely to the rectangular pattern. 
I think my runner is a fair amount bigger than the original.
There were a few erm mistakes,
like sewing one rectangle the wrong way round,
catching a fold of the patchwork
under the foot of the machine,
and as above not lining up the strips,
which wouldnt normally be such a big deal,
but I didnt want to cut the flower in half
when attaching the binding.
So yes I have been a good girl,
and unpicked.
(make sure you unpick the right bit!!!)
Basting next...


greenrabbitdesigns said...

I DO love that vintage fabric Clare!
Vivienne x

Lynne said...

Your fabrics work really well.

Lisa said...

Keep going, you clever old thing!Lisa x

Jenny Bartoy said...

It's looking great, Clare!! Great progress! I have yet to cut any fabric... *blush* Very impressed with your working out the pattern, too. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

I think your runner is going to look very cute.

Juliab said...

Love the fabrics you have used. Such fresh Spring colours. Can't wait to see this finished. BTW, there is something for you on my blog. x

gillyflower said...

Lovely spring colours and I love the simple brick work type design.
Its going to look lovely and fresh!
So sorry I spelt your name wrong in my comment on your latest post.
have a good day Clare
Gill x