Friday 8 April 2011

fresh air friday

Hello todays fresh air friday comes to you live from
the garden.
Thank goodness for this glorious weather
a welcome escape from the painting.
Definitely not a fashion post!
The sounds that surround me
ignoring the noisy road,
(we all live near them these days!)
constant cheeping from the sparrows
crazy chatter and chuckles from the starlings
my new neighbour and her young daughter playing
my old neighbours bickering like Laurel and Hardy!
and a general buzzing of spring..
We have a big garden,
but not a huge house,
please don't be thinking I'm a millionaire!
A big garden means a lot of work!
And a lot of weeds!
 I'm pretty much on top of the veg patch this year.
I've even reduced it in size,
the reason will hopefully become clear soon.
(no I'm not pregnant!)
It feels like it could be a good year
if this monster rhubarb is anything to go by!
 This year I have grown quite a few seeds outside
but under cover in the raised bed that I made.
Flowers growing
poached egg plant
a geranium splish splash
(bought online from someones garden)
morning glory
sweet peas
holly hocks
I went through my seed stash
and sowed everything that was ancient.
most have germinated but some were past it.
(can be eaten raw a bit like a radish)
 So now I really need to get on if you don't mind,
before it gets too hot!!
And yes I have suncream on,
doesn't the fragrance make you feel like you're on holiday!
Looks like its going to be a scorcher this weekend.
So get out there and garden in the green gym
its free!!


Peeriemoot said...

How gorgeous! I'm very envious of your weather :-). Enjoy!

Sal said...

Simply lovely!
I am sharing my greenhouse with
Nich ,this year as he has the gardening bug now...and I wonder where he got that from?!!
Enjoy your they say,the best things in life are free! (well almost!) Have a lovely weekend! ;-)

greenrabbitdesigns said...

I'm on my way out there now! :)
I love listening to the starlings too!
Vivienne x

Diane said...

I just left a big comment - did it arrive?

Gilly Tee said...

Garden looks lovely.

noelle said...

Its BEAUTIFUL here too in St. Ives!!!!!! your garden is looking fab! xxxx

Lisa said...

You having been very busy again making your garden even more beautiful.
I keep forgetting to say that when we were in Hythe marina the other week I saw a boay called giddy kipper and thought of you and Diane!
Enjoy the weekend sunshine.
Lisa x

andamento said...

We've a big garden too, I think you're coping better with yours! I'm going to get ours sorted this year though, I hope...

Lisa said...

Yep the children are off now. But be quiet cos they are still asleep!
They slept in the same room last night,not settling until nearly 11!
Keeping my fingers crossed for another quite half an hour!
Lisa x

Helen said...

Spring is soooh exciting, isn't it?
Love Helen

potterjotter said...

We too have a big garden (and we're not millionaires either!) but you seem to be way more on top of yours than we are. Some days I just prefer to sit, rather than dig/weed/plant/mow/strim etc.