Friday 22 April 2011

fresh air good friday

Happy Easter to you all.
I hope you are able to enjoy some sun this weekend,
wherever you are.

Last weekend I made a cage for my salad.
Yep the sparrows are not 
eating my salad this year!
Remember to enjoy your garden!
ps. can you tell I have a decent camera again!!
No more underwater shots!


Simone said...

Your garden is lovely Clare. I must remember to net my strawberries so the birds don't get at 'em! I think Monty is on for an hour tonight - starts earlier too so that is something to look forward too. Happy Easter! x

{Love, Love, Love} said...

Love the acer! Sorry to hear that someone had issues with your energy comsumption post. How sad are they? I thought that it was really interesting.

K said...

Oooh what a lovely space... I have garden envy! Mine is tiny and completely and utterly full of plants, am having to find creative solutions now to squeeze more in! x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Lovely photos!
Have a lovely Easter Clare. :)
Vivienne x

this is my patch said...

Going to go on a hunt for my pulmonaria tomorrow - Can't say I've noticed it this year? x

PS. GW and Monty should be on for an hour every week!

Lisa said...

That tulip is lush.
Happy Easter to you and Mr S.
Lisa x

Born & Bred Studio said...

Happy Easter! Great garden! Also a great giveaway over at Me Old China which ends on tuesday x

potterjotter said...

Happy Easter - I promise to enjoy the sunshine (in fact I think I've overdone it a bit!). Hope you enjoy your salad - eventually.

Diane said...

I have enjoyed EVERY moment in the sunshine - I have lived in my garden all weekend. About 5 weeks till I go to our fave place. I have some "treasure" that I am going to hide for you to find! xxxx