Friday 15 April 2011

fresh air friday

Is it really Friday again?
I have pretty much been
a slave to the paintbrush
this week.
Although I have managed to squeeze in 
a number of hours in the garden.
Remember my lovely ballerina tulips.
Unfortunately, most of them are still in the shed!
I think they are far safer left in the garden,
than in my hands!
 Absolutely love the onion family!!
Not exactly sure what these are,
they are not bog standard chives, 
or garlic chives,
as I grow both, and they aren't the same.
My beloved camassia
already starting to bloom,
which I think is early.
I shall have to check last years post.
Yep just checked last years posts,
nearly a whole month early!
 We have a ton of bluebells in our garden,
which I love because I have to do nothing but enjoy!
 Another excellent do nothing plant is
Euphorbia amygdaloides
Lovely heart shaped
 A snapshot of the veg bed.
Still too early for squash and sweetcorn,
but it's nice to plan.
 No grapes to be fed this year!
He's already eyed up my kitchen door.
The always forgotten beautiful
cherry blossom

Jobs I have done this week
and for you to do at the weekend.

spreading soil improver over the dryer part of the garden,
now the garden really pongs!

dug out an old wisteria 
hmm scary roots!

picked and eaten rhubarb twice!!

dug out the yellow/orange rose
It's a lovely rose, I just wouldn't have bought it myself.
It confines what I can grow,
I'm more of a relaxed romantic kind of gal.
I have potted it up and taken cuttings.

moved over-crowded plants.


So bring on Gardeners World..
..whatever the weather enjoy your garden :o)


Diane said...

You make me realise how quickly these weeks fly past with your Friday posts. My Dicenta seems to have been killed by the harsh winter. HAve a lovely weekend . xxxxx

Pippin Lane said...

Bring on gardener's world indeed! So love your vege patch, you seem super organised and tidy with it all.....
Think I might have to get out there in the garden after your poor neglected garden!
Nattie x

Lisa said...

Looking good! I saw those euphorbia plants when we were out on our walk earlier this week and liked them, like them evenmore know I know you don't have to do anything with them!
Enjoy your weekend, hope we get some sun!
Lisa x

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Wow your garden is amazing. You have so much growing, I'm jealous as hell.

Hoola Tallulah said...

WOW so much going on in your garden, I love the white bluebells and white dicentra, never seen them in white before, so pretty!

Serenata said...

You zoom may not be working, but still gorgeous photos. You are organised... Oh and I've never seen white heart shaped dicentra before. I've got the pink one in our garden and it looks simply stunning.

Simone said...

Your garden is looking lush and productive!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Oh Clare, your white bluebells are beautiful!
I love your white dicentra too, mine is pink but I think I prefer yours better.
Have a great weekend. :)
Vivienne x

Rubyred said...

Oh such gorgeous planting! Love the spring runner and your painted chair too! Beautiful colour and such a bargain!
Rachel x

Helen said...

Gosh you are going to be busy!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog, have a good weekend
Helen x

two bones and a bagle said...

Could I pick your clever quilty brain. I have almost finished my hand pieced hexie top and am unsure how to finish it. Do you use batting in yours or do you just back with cotton fabric? Then the quilting do you tie it or quilt it? Sorry for being a pest I have trawled through your blog but cant find any reference to your finishing process. Thanks.

koralee said...

Oh I love your sweet blog...and your garden is PERFECT!!!! Thank you for visiting me the other day...Now I must get in my is calling my name as the weeds are already starting to grow!!! How can that be?

Happy new week to you. xo