Wednesday 23 June 2010

veg out

Well hasn't this weather been just grand!
Thought it was about time to share my edible pursuits,
before they get eaten by me or the critters that live in my garden.
Anyone who grows veg or gardens will probably have said
'its an odd year'
I'm sure I say it every year, I'm not sure I would recognise a 
'normal year'.
After a slowww start things are picking up.
I find it remarkable that whatever plant you grow there is a specific bug/beastie that appears,
seemingly out of nowhere to destroy your crop!!
Here I have lost 3 broccoli to vine weevils, whose grubs eat the roots.
I tried my best to pick off the adults, not wanting to smother my plants with chemicals.
Fingers crossed they dont find the sprouts!
Typical that its the sunniest year for years and I am growing the silliest tomatoes ever!
They are minibell and were free seeds with Gardeners World mag.
On the upside I haven't had to deal with tying in or pinching out!
The crops are a good indicator of how sunny a summer it has been so far.
The gooseberries are huge and plentyful this year.
Also the sweetcorn is growing well.
Remember my new raised veg boxes?
They are working a treat.
The left one has mainly carrots, which have been sown fortnightly.
The right is salad leaves which have to be covered to protect them from.....
Honestly I know they said on springwatch they are in decline, well they should come to my house.
I think we probably have about 50 who live permanently in our roof.
If anyone wants to rehome some I would be grateful!
They have decimated my peas, beetroot, lettuce, clematis.....
Chirp cheep chip cheep all day long!!

My husband however loves the little blighters!
So thats something.

Whilst we are talking birds our starling pair who nest above this room have a second brood.
Thats a first....told you it was an odd year !!!!


Diane said...

I love your raised veg boxes abd have made a note to try them next year (in my very small garden). We have loads of Sparrows too and nesting blackbirds (which are lovely). Ive not grown much to eat this year as last years crops were mainly a failure. Just got spuds, peas and a few Strawberries on the go. xxxxx

Simone said...

You have a very productive patch! I love the look of the gooseberries. I think it has been a fruity and flowery year so far. I have had more flowers on my roses, peonies and clematis than ever before and more fruit on my tayberries and blueberries. It seems that a harsh winter brings a fruitful summer!

JuliaB said...

ooh! i'm glad i'm not the only one who a) thinks its an odd year and b) thinks it's been "slow" up to now. I am growing bush tomatoes, but they still seem rather small, and my strawberries are still pitiful, and my beans (broad) seem very light on beans too.... Your garden looks LOVELY!

Gilly Tee said...

Everything looks grand. unfortunately something has taken all our gooseberries.

Lisa said...

You certainly have a huge selection of garden goodies on the go.
Lisa x

sweetmyrtle said...

all is looking fabulous in your patch. it is always an odd year here but that is just me!
we had frost damage on 3 cougette plants but pruned back the sick leaves and they are now fruiting, and i have also picked our gooseberries today... and as for the sparrow.. do you want to borrow Paws our cat? sadly he seems to have taken a liking for them.

happy growing and reaping all the rewards of your hard work.

ginny x

Twiggy said...

Your garden looks lovely. We have a very cheeky blackbird that likes to roll around in the salad leaves in our raised beds :)
Twiggy x

cottonreel said...

Just came to your site from Heart shaped ,what a pleasure--cottonreel

Anonymous said...

Like you I have a good crop of courgettes, they taste good too!
Those gooseberries look great !!
Vivienne x