Thursday 10 June 2010

self sown

Gertrude Jekyll
Thanks for all your interest in Raymond he is a busy little bear,
currently looking after 107 crochet squares!
Whats up with this weather?
Probably just a 'normal' year,
it's been so long since we had one,
it's hard to recognise!
Was I the only one praying for rain?
Things are getting quite jazzy in the garden.
I love how this primula bulleyana lights up the shady corner,
and the fact that it self seeds!!
Another self sown foxglove.
Yep here's another doing it all by herself.

Ok so the rose wasnt self sown, but too beautiful not to share.

How does your garden grow?


Anonymous said...

It may not be self sown but the rose is truly beautiful! :)
Vivienne x

Lisa said...

Beautiful floral photos as ever.
Hope all ok with you.
Lisa x

Shabby Chick said...

Hi Clare, your flowers are so pretty! I'm a lover of roses and lavender, anything that does die once the summer is over really!

Mel xxx

Diane said...

I love natures freebies that just pop up! To keep you informed, I am adassing fabric for my patchwork - and where is that pub that you mentioned? Its not one I have heard of. xxxx

Lyn said...

Self seeders are great, they pop up in places you wouldn't put them usually.

Bobo Bun said...

I really admire people like you who can garden and make it look as stunning as your pics look. I simply know the garden I would like, but don't have the know how to achieve it. Could I borrow you please?

Lisa x

this is my patch said...

The Gertrude Jekyll rose is an absolute beauty. I've two new self-sowers to the garden this year, a white stock and goatsbeard, a weed! I have the same foxglove and granny's bonnet as you, and a very similar geranium, they are lovely aren't they. I'd love to know what the purple plant is? x

the crafty currant said...

I've just discovered your blog and your photos are really beautiful. Have you had any sort of professional training?