Monday 21 June 2010

meet the gang

Well I am still not crocheting!
My hands are somewhat better.
As you see, this crochet lark could quite easily be the culprit to my woes!
Remember Raymond?
Meet Brendan...
So thats the gang for now...
..hopefully new friends will arrive
just as soon as my thumbs will allow me!
Thanks for all your concern!
Especially to Heather at Little tin bird.
Who has been crocheting with the same cotton yarn and has reassured me that the pain is probably due to the type of yarn, as it is a lot stiffer to use than wool, so requires more effort.
Fingers crossed!
(ouch maybe not hehe)


Simone said...

I like your little gang! I like the choice of names too!!!

Anonymous said...

Oooh your little gang is very cute! :)
Hope the hands heal soon, I'm sure you miss your hook!
Vivienne x

Diane said...

Very cool gang!! Glad your hands are better. xxx

Dawn said...

Love the gang! I have just found I have a very similar pattern in a Lets Knit Crochet supplement. Perhaps it is the one you used? Think I might give it a try.

Gilly Tee said...

I had to give up needlefelting for a while with a similar problem but after a couple of weeks rest they were much better.

Lisa said...

Pleased to hear things are improving for you on the thumb front.
Lisa x

Heather @ littletinbird said...

Hi Clare :-)
I'm glad your hands are feeling better. I had a bit of a mammoth all day session with the kool kotton the other day and I'm paying for it now! ah well.

Heather xxxx