Wednesday 5 August 2009

less is more

Romsey tea-room gardens

Where do I begin with this post?
Of late I've been very good with my purchases for the house/garden
only buying things I (mainly) need.
However plants continue to grow folks,
which invariably means that they don't get on as well with each other; as they did when I lovingly planted them.

Today I took a trip to a little but lovely Victorian inspired garden in Romsey.
(thanks Lisa for reminding me that Romsey still exists!!).
Its attached to a lovely tearoom.
Its possibly a little over this year, but still has a lovely restful quality, which is what I want!

On returning home to my own garden I can see things that need sorting out.
Which will have to wait until next year now!!
This is my new arch which I hope to grow roses or clematis over.

I don't really have photos of the clutter, but believe me its there!
I do love aspects of my garden, and can see how pretty it will be eventually!
Creating a garden is hard!!
(I know I'm lucky to have a garden)

Below is a less is more area and it is definitely more relaxing...

more photos on my garden blog

Calling all charity shops please dont change,
I'm talking here about the new products they buy in to sell.
The whole appeal of charity shopping is to find a gem with some sort of history.
I also would never touch something over a fiver either,
unless its much wanted, these are not antique shops!
(I can say this having worked in help the aged for 3 years).

Romsey charity shops are too darn expensive!!!
When I'm charity shopping I am on the hunt,
If I don't find anything I'm dismayed.

I found today's gem in the last shop for 1.50
(not worth any more)

Boy has it seen some history!!
I thought on first inspection it was a faked new plate, you know the sort.

This is where I photograph most of my things as the light is good; and yes I painted the stand and yes it was from a charity shop! I thought it would be good for cupcake displayage.

The sun is actually out today, so I really should be out there!


Lisa said...

That tea room garden is very pretty indeed.
Did you get to Kit and Caboodle?
I agree that a lot of those charity shops were very expensive.
As for cupcake displayage, I am in lvoe with that idea!
Lisa x

{Love, Love, Love} said...

I have to agree with you regarding charity shops selling brand new goods (unless they are eco friendly or fairtrade products which I don't mind so much) as it is often complete crap!
I also hate it when they charge crazy prices for things as they are often still getting more than they would at say, a car boot sale so I think they have to find the right balance.
I do like the 2nd hand designer charity shops and would quite happily pay more for something that originally cost £300 but I think that that charities need to locate these shops carefully for them to do well. x

Sal said...

I remember Romsey as being a lovely place.( I like Stockbridge too! )
Your pics are gorgeous..and your garden is lovely!!

Lyn said...

I agree, charity shops are fun places to look and find treasures, they should not be expensive.
PS love your bargain plate!

A Farmers Wife said...

Hey, if i knew you were coming i'd have baked cake!
I got a lovely Romsey cs bargain this will , will blog it today, i had a very rare child free hour so i dashed in to just a couple of shops then dashed out!
I havnt been to that tea room before as with two kids in tow its easier to go to the park with a saussage roll from reeves, but i know where it is so will do now considering how lush the garden looks, is it king john's house tea rm/?
I havnt found romsey cs's too bad, i think alot of them now have cottoned on to people like us, o crocheted blankets can range from a pound to eight pounds! Crazy.
Your garden is so lovely, i have a million jobs to finish in ours, might have to get my dad round!
Kirsty x

Poppy said...

I haven’t been there this year, it is lovely though! I’m not that happy with my garden this year, I need to change things for next year.

I’m glad it’s not just me, I thought the charity shops in shops in Romsey were expensive.
Enjoy the rest of the week…love Lou xxx

Helen said...

Your garden looks wonderful. . . I know what you mean about charity shops . . . . I saw a cake stand yesterday and when I picked it up it said £6.50!!??
Love Helen x

Floss said...

I love Romsey, but somehow the last 10 years have been so child-orientated that neither tea shops nor charity shops have been on my 'to do' list when visiting! I shall have to rectify that one day.

My mum has always said that well-off, classy towns have good stuff in their charity shops, but over-price them. A highstreet CS in a larger town may be less interesting but will be better value! What do you think?