Monday 10 August 2009

karen n gok

The past month or so my friend of 20 years and bridesmaid has been filming for the next 'how to look good naked' series, and Friday was the big reveal.

At the crack of dawn our tribe of family and friends made our way to Birmingham with excited anticipation, as we had not seen Karen since her make-over.

That excitement soon turned to fear and a general turning of our stomachs as we heard the huge crowd. It felt like we were at a beatles gig with all the screaming girls!

As friends we had seats up front and had to fill in consent forms so they could show our gasps on tv. They also took our photos with our names on a board for identification. It was so loud that the girl above got my name slightly wrong. I shall be known as clare oval from now on !! LOL

Unfortunately I don't have better photos, as I was using a rubbish camera but also we couldn't take photos as we were being filmed.
We all thought she was very brave and gorgeous of course!

So I shall just leave you with this tiny snippet of the day.
A huge poster of my friend revealed right at the end.
Stunning or what!!

I know you are all wondering whether she revealed all?
Well you will just have to wait until autumn!


jo said...

Oh my god! I bet you had a fantastic day. Wished it was me who'd had a make over! Will look out for you on the telly in the Autumn.

Jo xx

French Knots said...

Oh I'd love to be Goked! He's so positive in the way he helps the ladies find their confidence. I bet she had a fab time and the snippet photo looks amazing.

Thecraftytrundler said...

i love that programme!! What a brave friend!!!

Sharon xx

Lisa said...

How fantastic for your friend. And a great day out for all the rest of you too! Hope she was thrilled with her new look. Will be looking out for the new series in the autumn.
Lisa x

Country Bliss said...

Oh gosh, she must be really brave. You'll have to let us know when it's being aired.
Yvonne x

JuliaB said...

WOW! SHe looks very glam! What an exciting day! x

noelle said...

wow, how exciting, can't wait to see it i love the show!!!

Helen said...

f a b!! How brave and wonderful is your friend . . . . WOW. It's sooooh, great that gok is around to do things like that for women!
Love, love that show,

silverpebble said...

I am an avid follower of Gok. I think he's fabulous and his programmes are my guilty pleasures. How utterly magic that your friend is one of his latest targets. She looks truly stunning. I shall be watching avidly in the autumn.

Debbies-English-Treasures said...



sarah-jane down the lane said...

I saw GOK filming in Bluewater a couple of weeks ago and decided to run for the hills!! tee hee. I am so impressed by your friend she looks sensational,
Sarah x

Bertie Meadows said...

Hello Clare, Oh how wonderful for your friend, and for you to share the experience with her. She is so brave.
Bertie x

Mary Poppins said...

Ohooo WOW Clare how exciting for you all :)

Your friend looks truly AMAZING, do let us know nearer the date when it shall be broadcast.

Can't wait to see you too :)

As for my T.V. debut, well I am all shy now, and don't know if I shall have the courage to tell all when it shall be on, you maybe ;-)

Hugs for the blossoming of new buds :)


Diane said...

How absolutely BRILLIANT!!! I am so in need of Gok, or even Trinny & Sussanah!! Your friend is very lucky. Tip us the nod when it is on. xxxx

Joshy and belle said...

your friend is very brave, she looks like a glamours film star in the photo, fliss xx

littleanna said...

Hey this is so weird.I love to look at crafty blogs and when I was I came across this photo of my sister carmen and her baby Ffionn-what a small world