Friday 31 July 2009


The inspiration for this post came courtesy of Floss, and it was rather apt actually.

Its a tag thing where you have to reach for the closest book,
turn to page 161 and post the 5th sentence.

So my book is
paradise gardens by Geoff Hamilton.
The sentence (in the picture) refers to the Victorian plantswoman Gertrude Jekyll.

I would like to pass the batten on to

Sal aka sals snippits

Noelle aka sew on and sew on

Diane aka heartshaped

Lisa aka jumble and jelly

Sharon aka the crafty trundler

Give it a go if you like its just a bit of fun.


silverpebble said...

This is rather spooky - I was blog wandering last week and there was a call for 'inspiration' posts - people or things that had inspired and I did consider posting about Gertrude Jekyll. What a great woman. Did you see the tv film about her with Miriam Margolyes?

Simone said...

I quickly did this with a book called Notes from Walnut Tree Farm by Roger deakin. "Magpies and crows flew up as we appeared, and we found dead and dying frogs, and live ones too, jumping towards the perimeter of the common." I now need to read the chapter from the beginning to found out what it is all about!! x

Floss said...

Very inspirational, and so nicely presented! I guessed it was about Gertrude Jekyll, which makes me feel a bit smug...

That looks like a great book - thanks for taking up the tag so thoroughly.

Sal said...

Hi Clare..thanks for that ;-)
Have a good weekend ;-)

Lisa said...

Thanks for that.
I have done mine and that's all I'm doing for the rest of the evening. Got a cold and am feeling sorry for myself!
It was good to hear from you.
We went to Romsey today, have you been to Kit and Caboodle?
Off to Lymington in the next few weeks I hope.
Lisa x

Thecraftytrundler said...

Thanks Clare, will do that on my next post.
Love those garden backgrounds!

Sharon xx