Sunday 11 January 2009

winter wonderland

Our patch was breathtaking yesterday, I felt like a paparazzi, I could have taken a million beautiful photographs, here are just some of them...

We have a secret walk that we named 'Oddie Alley' as we saw a fox the first time we found it.
And once more we were rewarded with a gorgeous deer and her lovely white rear!
I'm really going to have to get a new camera!


Anonymous said...

gorgeous photos Clare... it's been so magical and frosty... i love it.
ps. laughed at your banana post.hmmm and i know what you mean about the curves on hearts... ric rac is a great solution.
Wishing you a happy week x
ginny x

Poppy said...

Not just me out with the camera then yesterday!
I could have taken loads; it was so pretty, lovely photos, did you take your pictures in the new forest?
Love Lou xxx

Lisa said...

Lovely photos. Great back view of the deer!
Lisa x

Simone said...

You really do live in a beautiiful place.

Mary Poppins said...

Ohooo Clare your photography is stunning, shall you frame any of them, I would

Your heart is gorgeous, how lovely of you to make such a special one for your friend, mine are always wonky :) I am waiting for someone to do a heart tutorial to see if I could do something to make it somewhat easier for me, I love your ric rac idea, gorgeous, if you ever do a tutorial you know where I am :)


Country Bliss said...

Beautiful photos it's a shame that it's now raining, I love the frosty mornings.
Yvonne x

Michael House said...

Just looking around and saw your lovely photos of the New Forest. You are making me feel nostalgic, I lived in Lymington until 5 years ago, now live in north Cornwall. I used to miss hills, now I miss trees! Some people are just never satisfied. Except that I am, I have lived in 2 lovely places!