Friday 23 January 2009

it's vintage darling!!

I wasnt going to post today, but I've just had a nice surprise that I had to share! As you saw from my last post I removed the temporary patchwork covering off the chair in the loft room as seen to the right. >
So today I thought I should try and recover it.

Well this is what I found!!
My husband had this chair when I met him, in fact it could have belonged to his Gran as he bought her house. The only downer is that there were two, one was broken at a party I think!

I just love that it was there all those years
and I never even knew!

Now I'm in a quandary as what to do?
It is very much vintage and is showing its age, so not really good for sitting on.
Anyone else having style issues in the home?
I know what I like, but don't how to put it together!

I realise there is more to life...but still!


Country Bliss said...

Lucky you,it's gorgeous. I'd just make sure no one sat on it by putting a rag doll/teddy on it.
Yvonne x

Sal said...

Well what a surprise for you. If it's not too worn in the middle how about adding a frill of some sort, around the edge.
Whatever,is is very pretty ;-)

Poppy said...

I love it!!! I would put a few of my favorite small books on the seat and have it as a feature in a room.
Have a lovely weekend …love Lou xxx

Simone said...

Those colours are really bright considering its vintage. It would seem a shame to cover over it again. I do have style 'issues'. My living room is a mix of old and new stuff but trying to be in keeping with the Edwardian period of the house. The dining room is another story! It is quite bright and not at all Edwardian! I quite like to mix old and new things together .

Lisa said...

A lovely surprise!
Others have suggested some good ideas.
Thanks for your message about Alfie.
Lisa x