Wednesday 28 January 2009

its awards season!

I have been blessed twice this week and both from my pal Yvonne over at Country Bliss. We were swap buds last year and were pretty successful I think! So thankyou Yvonne your blog is fabulous too!
Now I'm choosing just one blog to pass on this award as its hard to separate them, I think all your blogs are fanastic! So drum roll, it goes to Lou at Ludabelle not only does she have a fab blog but she's a really lovely lady too, and its not because she's a gardener honest!

The second award was a cute friends award! Thanks!!
I shall pass this one to my friend Lisa at Jumble and Jelly. We hope to meet up one day and get down to some serious thrifting!!

1 comment:

Country Bliss said...

You're welcome, now there's 2 more blogs I'm going to have to check out!
Yvonne x