Tuesday 13 January 2009

what I'm loving

Are you a person who finds a nice shirt and buys it in every colour?

It seems that I am; except its not shirts its foods that you add hot water too!!
I must say, however funny this was to me and my husband, I totally recommend these cup a soups, and I'm not a fan of Mr Harriot.
I drink mostly herbal tea so its a bonus when they are on offer. Get yourself down to asda to snap up the 50p bargain!


A Thrifty Mrs said...

That's quite a collection.
I do it with shoes. If I find a style that I like and doesn't give me blisters (rare) I buy it in every colour possible.

Simone said...

Those rainbow coloured boxed do look pretty good all lined up together. Even if the soup was to taste bad they'd be worth it for the packaging!

Sal said...

Very cheery..I assume you will keep the cartons even when the soup has been eaten ? ;-)

Lisa said...

Herbal teas always sound so enticing, but I've never enjoyed one!
Great bargain though.
Lisa x

Hen said...

Well, they look very pretty indeed. I'm loving the blackcurrant and mint tea at the moment, seems a strange combination on the face of it but it's v nice.
Thanks for your message on my blog. You want to make some cushion covers, for chairs? You asked me for some pics. What would you like exactly? Do you mean photos of the coloured painted chairs with the Cath K material seat pads? Sorry if I'm being dim, it's one of those days today...
Hen x

Hen said...

Well, as to the chair seat cushions, the piping is the worst bit I suppose but it wasn't too horrendous and I didn't even cut the fabric for the biding on the bias (I just cut long strips selvedge to selvedge) as I find cutting on the bias so wasteful, you have to cut right across the middle of the fabric leaving you with weird shaped pieces leftover (and Cath K fabric is too expensive to waste!) Otherwise, in retrospect, I wish I had either covered the foam with a plain calico first (I could still do that but too lazy!) or created a sort of flap at the back to cover the opening for the foam to go in as although there are pretty ties to hold the top and bottom piece of fabric together, you can still see the edge of the foam at the back. Oh dear, I'm not sure this makes any sense! I'm not at the cottage with the chairs so can't take any photos at the mo to show you what I mean! I used greaseproof paper to trace the shape of the seat to use as a paper pattern for cutting the fabric. Hope that garbled stuff is vaguely helpful!
Hen x

Country Bliss said...

Haven't seen those soups before packaging looks great though! I only drink green tea although I've tried fruit ones but end up throwing them away.
Yvonne x