Thursday 8 January 2009

pass the parcel

I have finished my first craft project of 2009~that is to say only after I had ordered a very pungent delivery of lavender!! I had not realised how strong the package would smell, none the less my postie said he had received a lot of compliments that morning on how sweetly he smelled!
We had to chuckle!

So that situation reminded me of a time when I had a banana guard delivered(before they were widely available), by a bashful young lad. The banana guard arrived in a grey parcel sack with no packing, needless to say it didn't take a lot of imagination to work out what he thought it was, as he passed it too me!!

Ever had any funny parcel tales?

My first heart of the year!
Actually I've had this idea in the pipeline for a few months and started the embroidery over Christmas. Its for a friend who's having tough times.

Its double sided with a little robin for good luck.

I'm never really that happy with sewing hearts as they never come out with perfect curves, how hard can it really be I ask you? So I stitched the ric~rac that I've had for ever along the seam, and I'm really rather pleased. Its only taken me 3 years to produce something of worth!

This leads me on to a project to celebrate a year of blogging this coming March. Did any one work out my cryptic clue left on my yule blog post?
Its been a long time coming, but at last I will be celebrating my year with a giveaway!

As they say on the tv don't phone in yet the lines are not open. I will post nearer the time. I will of course be making one of my bespoke (erhem) hearts completely to your design, so get your thinking caps on, march is not far away!!


Poppy said...

I have know Idea what the postman thought it was... ;o) lol
I love the hearts; I have done a robin on my sewing! Not too sure if it looks like one though.
If you’re anything like me you will be buying your seeds soon for the garden!
Lou xxx

Simone said...

A banana guard,is that what they call them now?!!! That is such a funny story. I can't say I have had anything 'unusual' posted to me! I think your heart is lovely. I especially like all the detailed work you have put into it.

Country Cottage Chic said...

Tee-hee! Had to laugh at the odd shaped parcel story! I've just posted a package which has a bell in it & it kept jingling - that should amuse a few postal workers!

Louise said...

Happy New Year Clare. That banana guard is so funny, I really don't know what you are hinting at though? x

Lisa said...

Thanks for your message Clare.
I hope your fertility and endo issues are able to be resolved.
Perhaps we could meet up over the charity shops in Shirley one day, though I don't think Alfiecat could make that journey!
Take care
Lisa x

JuliaB said...

hehe!! i love the bananna guard story!! but not as much as i LOVE those hearts!!! they are lovely!! I am the same with the wiggly lined seams .. I did something similar with a bauble I made at xmas - but i glued the ricrak because i am lazy, and it does the trick doesn't it! I like your white embroidery too. Gorgeous!! x