Thursday 15 January 2009

feverish fingers

What more crafting!?!
I'm in one of those moods where anything is possible. It could be the newness of the year, or feeling like I wasn't going to make it through the ills of last year or the enthusiasm of fellow bloggers, but I like it and I hope it continues.

I bought this embroidered cushion slip back in October for 30pish. I've finally got round to stuffing it and sewing it together. It was a bit shabby so I sewed some ribbon around the edge, which also hides the seams and I now have a sturdy cushion instead of a useless piece of fabric.

Am I the only one who gets frustrated trying to find a *decent card?
So much so that I might just make them all this year. This is the first. A little on the rushed side, as its my friends birthday today, if I post it now do you think she will get it today!

*ps. I'm not suggesting this is a decent card.

My bad :(

I would just like to say hi to Hen at henhouse who you probably already know; I'm making friends one at a time otherwise its all too crazy and I don't know one blogger from another! Any way shes been kind enough to give me some tips on making seat pads, lets hope I produce something soon!


Hen said...

Love it, it's divine! What a bargain. I can never believe how cheaply it's possible to pick up this embroidery.
Hen x

Sal said...

I'd be very pleased to receive a card like the cushion too ;-)

Emma Herian said...

Absolutely gorgeous, well done. I love bargains!

Country Bliss said...

Beautiful cushion and the card is really lovely far better than anything you can buy.
Yvonne x

Simone said...

The cushion is very pretty as is the card. The card is original too! I love the kitty in the middle and the fabrics you have used. I am sure your friend will be very pleased to receive it.

Poppy said...

So much nicer too receive a handmade card, and a lovely one at that.
The cushion is beautiful aswell!
Lou xxx

A Thrifty Mrs said...

That is one of THE most beautiful cushions ever, so lustingly gorgeous.

The Bunny Maker said...

i see that the item at the top of your wishlist is the same as mine! Gocco! I'd love one but I worry about getting all the bits and pieces for it and using one bulb up each time! arghgghghgh! i'm the sort of person who learns by mistakes - i'd use sooo many! such a pretty blog you have too!
are you on NOTHS? as I can see you link to it in your resources - I have a shop there!

Anonymous said...

Just tried adding something, but I think it got lost in cyberspace!! I'm still new to this.
Love the daisy cushion, it's so pretty & vintage!
Really love the little card too!! If I was sent one as cute as this, i would frame it!! Lucky friend : ). You have inspired me.
You don't need to go out and buy mass produced cards - they're boring, and expensive. It is much more fun to create your own - I fancy having a go now!

Have a good weekend


Anonymous said...

Oooh cardmaking. Very addictive. I try to make all the cards I send, so much more fun than going to the corner shop for a £2.50 printed one. I love that all my cards are unique too :)

You should definitely come for a visit... the boys can go off and fly kites or something (Bob's recently been given a Blade 4.9m powerkite [which will lift him off the ground] to go with the smaller Beamer 3m I got him for Christmas last year) and we can make cards and be crafty in the warm!

Anonymous said...

sweet cushion... got lost in the New Forest yesterday looking for a location... thought of you. even though we got lost we were loving the scenery and the ponies. have a great weekend