Saturday 26 July 2008


Oh wow oh wow its amazing what you can pick up at the dump! We weren't looking for chairs we were dumping an old fence panel. These unloved chairs caught my eye so we had to go round twice and snapped the six up for 15 quid!! Two are arm chairs like this one and four are regular.
They need a bit of tlc, though I'm not sure whether to rub them back to a natural finish or paint them, and I know painting them would make them look stunning, I just don't know yet.


Sal said...

I have just painted two (with arms) almost identical to yours..I did one in F&B red and one in F&B green, for my study! I distressed them.
I say paint them!! Great find!!;-)

Sal said...

Hi..send me your email address and I'll take a pic for you..Sal;-)