Tuesday 8 July 2008

back to my roots

I can at last report on my garden. Firstly what a mistake to go away in June, we missed the strawberry season!! Fortunately my mum popped round to reap the rewards, and on returning from our holiday we were greeted with two jars of strawberry jam!! mmm

As usual the garden seems like a jungle. Being away from my garden is really useful, it allows me to have a fresh eye on what needs changing. So I've ripped out a pink/orange honeysuckle that was always diseased and jarred me. Wow instant satisfaction! Also to go was a lelandii planted in the middle of the garden!! This not the end of it, there's more on the hit list.

I've also missed the mangetout season, so I'm leaving them to bulk up and hopefully eat them as peas. My peas however are looking good.
So a word of warning don't befriend a blackbird if you have any kind of inkling he might be psychotic. Ok I was feeding him apple and dried mealworms as he had a tiny baby to feed and there were no worms, I didn't know he would turn out to be a crazed stalker!

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