Thursday 17 July 2008

eco thoughts

I like to think I do my best when it comes to the planet, I've recycled for many years, I compost, I don't even drive, gasp, maybe that's down to nerves rather than any global reason.

Sometimes we all need a jolt to do more, mine was the Maldives. Now I here you say that's not very green to fly to a country where they ship all the food in. Hey I don't drive and haven't flown for three years. Any how, we already knew not to leave any rubbish behind including empty water bottles (from UK) even the used casing of paracetamol were brought home ; I was so glad we didn't leave any rubbish, for on our trip in the sea plane back to Male we flew over the rubbish dump on the neighbouring island. A sobering scene.

This has made me even more aware of the impending doom that is our legacy ~ trash mountains!! I only have a small composter yet I'm able to fill it with all veg/fruit scraps and now I'm making an effort to compost cardboard like toilet roll tubes etc... I urge you all to compost!!!

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