Thursday 9 February 2012

a quilt in a bag...and some blog lovin

 Not just any old bag however..
 Recognise the red perle hand stitching?
Yep it's a MollyFlanders original.
And it's just perfect for housing my latest patches.
Plus it's made from fabric by Melody Miller,
swooning now..somebody catch me!
 My husband thinks we are having an affair...
he is right of course..
 it's just a little patchwork love affair!
with a lot of fabric eye candy!
Mary rocks if you haven't already popped over,
go there now!
You will find the most awesome star roses.
Thank you MM
I shall be paying this suprise gifting forward for sure!

Someone else who knows me well
is Claire Jain @ sewing over pins (great name)
Claire has also been taking part in my star rose block party,
and has just written the post of all posts 
about moi!!
It's quite a funny read and she has captured me perfectly
although with a little more eloquence!
Do take a look.
I think she's one to watch!

I want to thank you for all your kind wishes regarding my shoulder.
It's still an issue,
but one I'm trying to cope with.
I am sewing far less, which is hard when you have an addiction.
So what am I doing making another quilt, you ask?
It's okay it's a mini.
I'm taking part in the modern mini challenge over @ Ellison Lane Quilts
And yes it's paper piecing again...
I really need to get machining!


Hen said...

There are some really lovely star and rose blocks appearing, Mary's are divine. Good o you for the inspiration to all those folks out there. Lucky you to receive such a lovely gift, I hope it gives you a boost while you battle with that shoulder. Thanks for your kind comment yesterday.
hen x

Mary said...

Definitely a Patchwork Affair! LOL! What a lovely post about you. You are a sweetheart, Clare:)

Lucy | Charm About You said...

Oh I am JEALOUS!!! Gorgeous bag :)
Thanks for the link to Claire's blog!

Lynne said...

Ohhh, lovely, lovely.
I hope the shoulder gets better soon for you. I find working at my machine makes my back ache after a while.

Catherine said...

I LOVE that pouch, especially the hand stitching!

Anonymous said...

Nothing makes my eyelashes batt faster than a spool of thread or new pack of needles LOL...shears make me swoon !!!

Di said...

Cool pouch. Lovely post. Thanks for sharing. Di xo

Kris from Duke Says Sew What said...

That little mushroom on the zipper...adorable. Darling pouch! That Mary - she is a sweetheart!

Simone said...

As much as I love the fabric and the bag, I REALLY love the little mushroom and the conversation hearts! x

Lisa said...

Oh missus1 Love the new bag, isn't it just the cutest!
Hope you are ok.
I like the new building for the museum. They are going to have a cafe there too, very important I reckon.
Lisa x

Connys Cottage said...

wow s sweet.I like your sewing.

greatings send you Conny

Annette - MyRoseValley said...

Ciao bella, I am starting to feel like trying out making paper pieced hexagons... I read a really good tutorial in a book I recently purchased... WHat type of paper should I use though? ANy advice for a beginner. I would love to make my own little "hexagon project bag" and bring with me everywhere as an alternative to my crochet bag. It looks like good fun. You inspire me.♥♥♥