Monday 20 February 2012

a tale of two blogs...

 I've had four wonderful years blogging here at summerfete..
 but I've evolved..
 Last year I started calling myself selfsewn,
which refers to my love of sewing but with a nod to gardening.
My reason for changing is mainly to stop the confusion,
especially when selling my wares or featuring on blogs.
There is never a good time to change blogs,
but as my follower list grows I feel I need to bite the bullet.
 Last week I made a foolish attempt at changing my blog url...
all was fine until I checked out my links, labels, tutorials and followers,
to my horror they were showing 
'this blog does not exsist'
Therefore I am leaving summerfete in it's original state,
with my tutorials redirected to my new blog.
 It is with a trembling bottom lip that I leave you my last picture on summerfete.
If you would like to find out what my latest project looks like from the front,
please hop on over to selfsewn
I would like to thank all whom have commented and made friends with me
whilst here at summerfete, I've loved every minute!
To my 423 followers I love you all and
I would really love to keep you!
Please come and visit me 
it's going to be lonely without you.

ps. If I make it to 100 followers before March 
one lucky person will receive a special gift
made by yours truly xxx
Wow already up to 47 followers,
better get my needle and thread out!!


Anonymous said...

WoooHooooo ;>)
Don't worry, you won't loose me ;>)
I'm jumping right away to Selfsewn and subscribe to it !
THANKS for all inspirations up to now, I'm sure you will provide even more in your new blog.


Gill said...

I'm coming over now!

Vintage from the Village said...

Will pop over now and subscribe !
Sue x

Claire Jain said...

Exciting times! With this new chapter, the adventure continues!