Monday 1 August 2011

slowing things down


Sometimes we forget to relax and take a few moments to live.
Whether it's work, blogging, children, gardening, diy, or just
trying to be the perfect house wife..
all work and no play...
I made this little pin cushion house from Marys tutorial.
I think I needed a little project to complete in one day.
As per usual with me I winged it,
which is why it's a bit stretched.
I think it looks like it needs eyebrows!
 I've also finished my hexagon cushion 
for my local horticultural/handicraft show.
 I'm not sure about the busy binding,
but that's me..
..always a little flawed.

It feels like summer has returned at last,
so taking it easy is a must,
especially when one has a new allotment,
plenty of painting still to do and a new bed to dig!!
Of course I cannot stop my mind
  thinking up new creations.
I have a few ideas up my sleeve,
and that's where they are staying for now.
I do believe in having a good inspiration
for projects rather than starting something
without much thought...
So if you don't mind I shall do a few hours of 
procrastinating  pondering... to join me?


Unknown said...

Oh Clare I definitely spend quality time procrastinating! And then I procrastinate over my procrastinations - ver productive! lol!

The cushion is gorgeous, and the house is just perfect! Anyway I am off to 'think'! ;-D

Maxabella said...

I love your little cushion, Clare. I hope it helps with the pondering. A very necessary thing indeed. x

Mary said...

Clare :) I love the cushion and what a lovely little cottage! Your flowers are perfect - embroidered, stitched with hexagons, and growing in your garden! Everything you do, you do so well....I can't wait to see the ponderings! You are quite an inspiration :)

VivJM said...

Your cushion is gorgeous, busy binding and all :-)

And I can totally understand wanting something to finish in one day, I think I could do with a little project like that too!

Hurray for the return of summer :-)

Simone said...

Lovely pincushion and hexagon cushion and a new allotment?! How wonderful! I will gladly ponder with you as it is too hot and sticky to do anything else today!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Your little house is lovely!
Gorgeous cushion too, can't help notice how well it tones in with the cover of Gardener's World.
Good luck with the show!
Vivienne x

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

I love the pin cushion and the hexie cushion. Happy pondering and Good Luck with the allotment!

Nicky said...

pondering with a glass of Pimms - that's my sort of afternoon! Cheers!

Beth of The Linen Cat said...

Lovely cushion and little house (I love Mary's blog). I agree, it's always good to make time to just enjoy life, I need to take that advice at the moment :)

Lisa said...

Your cushion is beautiful.
Enjoy the sun and the garden and all that inspires you.
Lisa x