Tuesday 9 August 2011

it's a family affair

The 100th Annual Horticultural Show 
held in the village I grew up in.
Not much has really changed over the years,
the society are a well greased family,
and the show always runs as smooth as clockwork.
Everyone doing their part to make for a wonderful day.
 After a major flap trying to get all his entries displayed before 10.30,
my Dad won the cup for his vegetables.
(though he had to share it with a fellow competitor, much to his dismay!)
He definitely had the biggest prize winning onions however!
 I even managed a second for my raspberries!
 More prize winning tomatoes from father.
(bottom right)
 My Mum is the secretary and spends, all year it seems 
procuring raffle prizes for the grand raffle.
My Grandma used to help fold the tickets,
but since her passing I have helped out, 
as it really is a nonstop job.
This year however my Aunt F helped out
along with my brothers girlfriend.
My Brother and Dad act as parking attendants
Not forgetting my Aunt M who dressed this huge teddy 
and asked if you could guess her birthday?
Well I didn't get a prize for my cushion
(mine is the middle one, my friends next and my Aunt E)
I was a little miffed as mine was hand sewn..
..it's the taking part!!
oh I suppose I did get commended.
commended scmended!!
 Look at this entry!
Those aren't real veggies 
they are all knitted by my Aunt F!!!
 In the floral section this was my Mother in laws entry,
not bad out of 12
especially as she was getting ready for her bric a brac stall
which locals have come to love,
and which I was helping on.
Well it's all over for another year.
The months of preparation all over in the blink of an eye.
I'll leave you with a last glimpse of my Dad's cabbages!


andamento said...

No prize for your cushion, that's rubbish! There obviously weren't any patchwork gurus there or they would have realised it was hand sewn (and therefore vastly superior of course!), I do think it also looked the best too. Will you be trying again next year?

Little stitch and me said...

Looks like a great show 100 years, wow. Well done on all your families successes.

Simone said...

Your Dad knows his onion's!!! It looks like a wonderful day and I bet it was loads of fun taking part. Well done on your rapberries!x

Lyn said...

I love horticultural shows and this was a real family affair and well done to all of you. it looks very well attended too, long may it continue.

Floss said...

What a great show. I miss that in France - but it always takes a while to 'tune in' to what goes on in a different culture, so I need to look out for the equivalents. Congrats to you and your family on the rewards of all your hard work!

Twiggy said...

What a family affair :) I love these shows our local one was on Saturday and as ever we thoroughly enjoyed it.
some lovely photos there.

Mary said...

Your cushion is brilliant! It definitely should have won! My goodness, your dad knows how to grow vegetables! They look almost as good as your Aunt's knitted veggies! How fun that your family is so involved....very sweet! Yes...and congrats on the raspberries!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

Well done to all of you. Bad luck about cushion - perhaps the real prize was that you got to take the best one home!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

What a brilliant show and so lovely that so many of your family took part!
Hope the raspberries made up for the cushion, there's always next year!!
Congrats to all the prize winners. :)
Vivienne x

Happy Homebird said...

What a lovely show and even more so for your families involvement. I wish there were more community events like this. When I moved to my area I joined the local horticultural society but sadly a year later they stopped running due to falling numbers. So sad.

Love your MIL's display.

Sam xx

Lynne said...

Shame about your cushion. But well done with your raspberries.

Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

Oh, goodness, I would love to go! You must be tempted to eat it all. Those tomatoes and raspberries - Yum!

amanda said...

Great pics. This looks so similar to a flower and craft show held in my local area. I love these small community events!