Wednesday 17 August 2011

fade to grey

Well folks my well tuned seasonal intuition has kicked in.
Yesterday I noted a distinct difference in the air.
I'm not sure how it works, I just feel Autumn is on the way.
Which is true of course...but with the garden still in bloom,
it seems a little off!
Strange then how my latest wip has already predicted the end of summer!
Funny how freakishly hot it was in spring 
when I was sewing the 'summer of love'...
Maybe I should get out some sunnier fabrics!

I am unsure of this project.
I'm just not used to two tone patchwork.
I purposefully left the mini squares blank,
to fill in later when I decide how the quilt is working.
At the moment I am thinking dark grey for a border,
(paper pieced of course),
because I want the circles to really pop.
Finishing off with white binding with rounded corners.
Though this could change depending on the weather!!


Nicky said...

Intrigued I am to see how this works out - you could go with any colour of course but I like the way you are thinking

Maxabella said...

I love this effect and can't wait to see the finished project. I imagine a little hit of a colour or two in those tiny squares... or all white. You'll know what's best when you get there. x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

I love the colours of your new patchwork but if your sewing influences the seasons perhaps you could get some yellow fabric on the go for a while! ;)
Vivienne x

Pomona said...

It looks lovely - really different!

Pomona x

Diane said...

Who needs a weatherman! Can't wait to see how it turns out. xxxx

Mary said...

I really love this Clare :) To me it is so calm...I can imagine when you finish....some very lovely hand stitching to quilt it :)

Anonymous said...

Its very nice your quilt !! I have been cleaning out my stash and getting rid of fabric I hate and will not use. Also setting aside all the projects that need finishing and all the new fabric. I think the paper piecing a quilt pushed me into organizing what I have so that I can finish some things and free up time for the hand sewing, oh what fun I have to look forward to Fall and winter settling into a coziness..

Cathy at PotterJotter said...

It like it ... its very soothing and calming. It looks almost Wintery, rather than Autumny.

Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

I'm curious to see what you do with this. I know it will be fabulous and so, so different than what I'd do!

Sheila said...

Spooky....check out my post from Wednesday -