Friday 12 August 2011

a ghostly apparition

 I wonder if you can remember something I shared a while back?
 Maybe the 11 year old creases will give you an idea?
 My favourite detail.
 Bows that hung off my shoulders and down my back.
 Watery stitches and..
 ..sequined swirls.
 Any ideas?
 Does it have silk appeal?
 How about now?
 Of course this is my wedding dress!!
And these are the first digital photos ever taken of it.
 We were married in the year 2000.
An era when weddings were not a common event.
(apart from the 2000 surge)
I already knew I would never wear white.
I had been following the designs of a London design team
called Ghost.
Who were the only people making pretty embellished dresses.
Which seems quite odd these days what with all the
fancy stuff bounding about.
Remember the millennium was all the rage,
clothes were all plain and made of futuristic fabrics.
So with my Mum in toe tow
up to London we went, and this was the first dress I tried on.
I have over the years wondered if I should have at least tried on
a wedding dress,
but whenever I get my dress out 
I fall in love all over again... wishes to anyone getting married tomorrow..
..may your day be as splendid as mine was xx

ps. no, it doesn't fit me anymore!
and yes, it is our camper x


Sal said...

So...Is that the very same camper van or a different one?

;-) x

Unknown said...

Beautiful, you look gorgeous in your wedding photo!

Crafts @ Home said...

Happy Anniversary for tomorrow, I think the wedding dress is perfect as is the camper van...
Sue Xxx

noelle said...

You looked Beautiful!!! Oh and St.Ives is much the same and a bit WET!!!!!!

Mary said...

Beautiful dress, beautiful couple :) How sweet...Happy Anniversary....

greenrabbitdesigns said...

You looked very pretty in your beautiful dress! :)
Not to worry, mine doesn't fit me anymore either!! ;)
Vivienne x

Lisa said...

Oh it's so pretty and very you indeed!
Love the wedding photos of you both.
Lisa x

Simone said...

Such a beautiful dress and a beautiful couple. I have been married for 23 years. My dress was oyster coloured,polyester with white nylon lace. Would you have cared to swap with me?!!! Happy Anniversary Clare! x

Jessica said...

lovely. I thought the dress was superb, but your wedding photos are just breathtaking.
thanks for sharing..

Serenata said...

Gorgeous photos, you look beautiful. Love the camper as well :-) Happy Anniversary!

Susan said...

What lovely memories you have! And now a loving post to add to those! Your wedding photos are so sweet! You make a wonderful couple! Happy Anniversary!

greenthumb said...

Happy anniversary, have a great day, your dress is very pretty.

Diane said...

You look so gorgeous in it! It was made for you. I love it. xxxxxx

millefeuilles said...

My goodness Clare, you looked absolutely stunning on your wedding day!

I too love Ghost and sequined work. The colour too is divine.

It is good to be back from my holidays and to pop in and see your blog.

Lynne said...

Wha a beautiful dress. Hope you had a lovely weekend.

Sarah said...

I never tried on a 'proper' wedding dress either, but feel the same - I wouldn't have had any other.

How's the allotment? Apparently Dad has bought & constructed a shed for theirs... don't know if they've planted anything though!

Elderberry-Rob said...

I just chanced by your blog whilst blog hopping and wanted to say what a fabulous dress, timeless style, the photo with the campervan is really special (you had a really good and imaginative photographer there) - what a lovely bride you were. Betty

Beth of The Linen Cat said...

What a beautiful dress, I love GHOST designs. I was the same, never even tried on a Wedding Dress but opted for a colourful floor length silk gown from a shop near work, which happened to be Ben De Lisi's shop (I'd never heard of him at the time). Happy Anniversary.

Beth/The Linen Catx