Monday 28 March 2011


Here is a sneak peek of lovely floor 
we now have in our lounge, hall and dining room.
All recreated by the wonderful Mr Fete.
It's the second time he has sanded floors,
lets hope never again!
To those worried about dust,
we sealed the doors with polythene,
and to be honest the floor sander
kept most of the sawdust contained.
He only hit on one issue
as seen above!
Originally there was a fireplace in the dining room
not taken out by us.
So we had to replace some boards,
which we bought from a reclamation yard.
But as you see they are no way as old as ours,
and unfortunately, once stained look a bit odd.
Hopefully for now we will just cover the area 
with our table and chairs.
We used colron 'american walnut' wood stain,
and 3 coats of ronseal satinwood floor varnish.
Yep that was 3 coats of varnish!

 I cant really show you much more
as I'm painting the ceilings, wood work and walls!
Paint now that's another story!!

We are heading towards the fluffy bunny.
ps. the French gray from F&B
in real life its not as pretty as pictured online,
it's a really strange colour, like putty really.
I'm just glad because I didn't want to spend £29 on a tin of paint!!


Sal said...'ve been busy,Clare...what a difference!
It'll be fabulous ...keep showing us progress photos!!
Have a good week!

;-) x

French Nanny said...

Love those boards - they are like liquid honey! And I love Farrow and Ball too, and the Little Greene Paint Company, but just can't afford those prices...

Maybe someone knows something you can put in emulsion to give that 'chalky' look...

Diane said...

Well he did a great job!It looks fantastic. I love the colours you have chosen. Can't wait to see the finished thing! xxxx

Unknown said...

Wow! They look incredible!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Your floorboards look great!
Well done Mr Fete's but his poor back much ache after all that staining and varnishing!
I would go for fluffy bunny too but not for all the right reasons just because I love bunnies. :)
Vivienne x

Lisa said...

Mr S has been busy, don't they look wonderful, really lovely rich warmth colour to them.
Lisa x

Pippin Lane said...

Wowieeeee love the floor boards, we are facing something similar in our dining room, and I have to say the dust does worry me!!
Think all the colours would look fab, BUT fluffy bunny it would have to be just for the fab name!
nattie x

Jessica said...

stunning! he deserves something wonderful for all that hard work!
good luck with the painting.. it will be well worth the effort.

{Love, Love, Love} said...

The floors are looking really good. We have a few quirky floorboards in our living/dining room but to be honest they look fine and just add a certain amount of character so am am sure yours will as well.
PS, before I had even scolled down, my favourite was the fluffy bunny too! x

potterjotter said...

It all looks brilliant - you must be really pleased. Well done to Mr Fete ... (always good to see a man on his knees!).

Helen said...

Looking good . . . rather you than me!! Can't wait to see the finished look!!

Vintage Tea Time said...

Excellent job - what an improvement. They look great. I find choosing wall colours so hard! There's the colour on the chart, the colour when you open the tin, the colour when just a bit of the wall's painted, then the colour when you paint the whole wall or room - and they all look different! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

The floor looks wonderful - well done Mr Fete.... The newer boards will probably blend in over time once the light has darkened them a bit. Love your choice of stain... Good luck with the painting :-)

Simone said...

It's a gorgeous floor and lovely rich colour. Hope you get your paint choice sorted soon! x

fee @ chipper nelly said...

first time on your (rather lovely) blog, but will make sure I pop back....could do with some more distraction!
We ALWAYS vow never to sand floors again...but always do! and it's always worth it.
fee x

Thecraftytrundler said...

Love those stripped & sanded floorboards!!! Definitely worth the work. Looks as though they were in great condition before, and just wonderful afterwards!!

Sharon xx

Catherine said...

It looks fabulous-bet you can't wait until its fininshed. Makes me want wooden floors!

Lisa Jayne said...

Your floor looks amazing, and am very jealous. I hope the hard working Mr Fete was rewarded with plenty of cake!

gillyflower said...

The floor look fantatsic Clare - love the warmth to them! What a treasure you have there in your man!!
Now the fun bit for you, choosing the paint!
They all look good colours, whatever you choose will look great!

Juliab said...

The floor looks fantastic! Glad it's you having to choose the paint colours and not me - too many to choose from! xx

Tinyholder said...

it's actually a greeny colour. I never look at colours online anyway as it depends on the resolution of your screen and the brightness etc. Defo best to get the sample pots as you have done!