Tuesday 2 November 2010

my creative space

 So I have finally relocated to my creative space,
fed up with the mess I create around the house.
Plus unfinished floor boards are cold and up here I have carpet,
even if it is covered in thread, and boy is it covered!
Is it Turner Prize worthy?
I can hear the art critics talking about how the triangles lead the eye, 
and all that!!
 Now that I have my new machine,
and with the hope of selling my wares, 
I have purchased some fat quarters from 
(so much easier than trawling through the usual auction site)

 The colours are actually more vibrant.
My love for vintage fabrics has not waned.
I need the consistency of new whilst I hone my making skills.
Vintage fabrics can be unpredictable.
So I'm taking this slow, 
instead of my usual 
bull in the china shop attack!

My first ever buttonhole!!
The love for my spanky is growing...


Peeriemoot said...

Love your creative space :-) - that's what I'd like eventually!

Diane said...

Loving the fabrics - you choose them so well. xxxxx

Sheila said...

Good luck in your own space, sometimes you really need that. I love carpet crafting, but i need to get away every so often and close the door!

Serenata said...

Loving your fabrics and have fun in your creative space :-) Enjoy your new machine.

Anonymous said...

Oh I do like your taste in fabric!!!
Vivienne x

Deb Robertson Writes said...

I love your creative space. I did have a wee giggle at the stash underneath it. My desk is exactly the same plus I have baskets along side which I keep trying to beat into submission!!!

home made gorgeous said...

Hi Clare, love your creative space, you have some very lovely fabrics and belongings! Good luck with your new machine, I remember my first buttonhole, it took about 20 attempts and I have kept the piece of butchered fabric that I used as a reminder! :) Sarah

Sarah said...

Such a nice space - and I know that the seamstress in the photo would be proud of you too :)

Sarah x

pamela said...

Moving upstairs for the winter, very sensible! Loving your new fabrics too. I agree with you Clare, a bit of old, a bit of new, get the best of both worlds as they both have their charms!

pamela x

Lisa said...

Great fabric choice. What you making? Are you going to show your gingerbread men?
Lisa x

Simone said...

Well done on your first buttonhole! I have never made one!!! Thanks for your comments Clare. Why don't you pursue your 'art' again? It would be nice to see some on here!

spectacularfairywren said...

nice space, LOOOVe the fabric pile - thanks for the tip, i am off there to checkitout.

I love the space for two at your table (or just space to relocate if you get bored or cranky or jaded) and i love the pics on your wall and the orla kiely (?) box saved...

gret said...

Mess? What mess? A house is not a home without thread, fabric scraps and a few pins strewn around. :)