Friday, 5 November 2010

remember remember... in progress november!!
 I was so very close to cutting into my new fabric stash,
I'd even cut out lots of hexagon templates...whoa!!
the heat of the moment
is playing on the radio how very apt!
Remember the giant hexagon quilt I started?
Thats why I have spent all year gathering all kinds of fabric!
I think the crochet sorta took over the year..
I'd forgotten how much I do love patchwork!

This week I've spent many an hour in awe.
To check out what I mean just visit may be there sometime!

I'm off
got diamonds to cut..

  If you want to give paper template patchwork a go
here is a tutorial of a similar design.


Simone said...

I really would like to have a go at patchwork one day. I don't know how you cut all those little diamonds so neatly. I like the way that each little hexagon is individual. Well, I will let you return to your cutting out. It looks like you have loads more to do! x

Sarah said...

I love patchwork too - your's is looking great - thanks for sharing the tutorial link - I'm off there now!

Flossie and Tom said...

You are so neat as you work - I dont think mine would match up at all - I'd love to have a go - maybe start off with some simpler squares :)

Love the scarf in the last post


Anonymous said...

That looks great Clare!
Ever so neat and tidy and the colours are wonderful. :)
I would love to make a quilt someday, I just don't know if I would have the patience.
Have a lovely weekend!
Vivienne x

Serenata said...

The diamonds are looking great. I must admit I am really enjoying the paper template patchwork. I have just cut a load more hexagon papers out ready for the material...which I haven't cut into yet.

Have a lovely weekend.

Off to have a look at the FQ link now :-)

Lynne said...

I switch between the crochet and the patchwork. Both are so good for sitting comfortably in front of the telly.
I ordered some fabric from Saints and Pinners the other day, so thanks for the link!

Floss said...

So pretty. I did some hexagons with a friend when we were in our teens to help out her granny who was making a charity quilt... I suppose I should give it a go again!

Thanks very much for your kind comment. The lush table cloth is one I bought in an Edinburgh charity shop (of course!). I was quite amazed by it - the fabric has clearly been specially designed for that checkerboard style of embroidery. I'm so glad someone else put in all the hard work!

Simone said...

Hello Clare! Thanks for reminding us about your tutorial. You make it look so easy. I must put patchwork on my to do list. Do you machine sew any of it?

luciernaga said...

Hola, te escribo desde Arica-Chile, me gusta este tipo de patchwork. Te copiare la idea,saludos.

(yo soy principiante)

Gillian said...

Hi Clare :)

Love your patchwork, such a pretty design! I used to patchwork when my eldest was a baby (he is 15 now) It really is a most enjoyable craft :)

Lisa said...

No prob about Wed. If you don't want to do this week for any reason than we can do it another Wed.
Hope you had a great weekend.
Lisa x