Monday 8 November 2010

snowflake season?

  Anyone noticed the unseasonable warm autumn we seem to be having?
I'm big on coincidences!
I cant help thinking that since I made my chunky scarf/cowl
the weather has been more
spring watch than autumn watch!

Therefore it is with crossed fingers that I bring you


I've gotten really addicted to these.
I like the challenge and the moment when the instructions sink in!
Here are a few of my favourites so far..
This is named the ships wheel by snowcatcher
Do stop by this lovely blog, 
the designs are inspired!
Now these snowflakes do look quite complicated
but truthfully they are not! This one is quite enjoyable.

The first two are about a hands width,
so I had a look about for something smaller.
And found the above on crochetville
Its my favourite, its so quick and easy.
This last one wasn't my favourite, but I do like how it turned out,
even if I did make a few mistakes!
Here they are!
These were crocheted on a 5mm hook using
sheba double knit cotton
(nothing too pricey!)
Blocked with many pins and stiffened with spray starch.
I have tried making my own, with water and cornflour,
I found that when dry, the flour left white specks everywhere
especially on coloured wools.
Also the majority of these patterns
are written in USA crochet terms
Great conversion chart here

Everyone get your hooks out!
And if I'm right..
..there should be sunnier days ahead!

' Forever Autumn'  by Jeff Wayne
is playing on the radio!!
Darn it!


Anonymous said...

OOh - I love these! They could be my reson to learn to crochet. I have visions of my stair Xmas garland adorned with these beauties. Clever you, and thanks so much for the links.xx

Dawn said...

Bring your scarf to Suffolk - there is a very cold wind today, as I found when going out scarfe - less!
Loving those snowflakes!

Diane said...

They are lovely - you are a clever thing! xxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

They are lovely, I like the second one especially! Thanks for the links, I'll have to check them out.
I have to say I much prefer crochet snowflakes to the real ones!!
Vivienne x

Simone said...

These are so beautiful and would look great all year round! You are multi-talented!!! x

Snowcatcher said...

We're expecting real snow tomorrow, first of the season, so warmer days may continue, but not here!

This was a very lovely post, and now I'm anxious to see your cowl!

Juliab said...

Beautiful! I am making crocheted stars at the moment but I am sure I will try a few snowflakes over the coming weeks. I wonder if anyone has a crochet pattern for a giant snowflake...

Little stitch and me said...

You're very clever, its very wintery here in essex almost like real snowflakes should be falling.

Vintage Tea Time said...

They are lovely - very stylish! Must learn to crochet!!

- said...

Really pretty.

Lisa said...

They are fab. My fave is the 1st one. Clever you.
Lisa x

A Thrifty Mrs said...

They're gorgeous.

We've had a freezing autumn in Manchester!