Wednesday 10 November 2010

homemade home

 We all know how to make a homemade home don't we?
Do we need to be told?
 Back in the summer I gained the name of shelf girl, 
after my junk shop purchase,
that I dragged around Lymington 
on a girls day out.
 A project which I had been looking for 
ever since our trip to Barcelona
 After a few hours of stripping and staining
I was going for the antique look rather than the faux painted distressed look 
which seems to be everywhere now.
 Its now part of our bedroom, 
and fits well I think..
.. vintage cheval mirror an Internet purchase,
oak wardrobe bought from friends,
homemade curtains,
handmade quilts..
 Back in spring I redecorated
Remember my tester patches of ladies foundation?
We went for the maplewood by dulux, 
which is really cosy and I like the way the
darker colour highlights the picture rail.
note: the sofa does not belong in the bedroom, 
it got put there and then left!
Okay so here's a sneaky peek of my big hex..
I'm thinking of naming it 'tutti frutti'
I would like to dedicate this post to Lily Allen
whom I have been thinking of a lot this week.
Life can be cruel sometimes..
..a pretty bedroom doesn't mean a perfect life...


Floss said...

Hello shelf-girl. My poor husband had become shelf-man because I bought two sets of vintage shelves, planning to strip and paint them, and then positively fainted with horror at the complex and seemingly unattainable instructions he gave me for achieving a perfect finish. Useless to complain that I didn't want a perfect finish... so he has ended up painting them himself! Ha! I couldn't have managed that if I tried...

Abnyway, yours look great. Ours are going to be (perfect) mustard yellow and I think they're going to be good too.

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Your shelves look a treat, and I love the colours in your tutti fruiti! It wouldn't do for us all to be the same, so you should always please yourself. And it all looks pretty good to me.

Simone said...

I love all the crafty things you have been making. I can't wait to follow your patchwork tutorial ( I think I said this before!) but I have so many other things to do at the moment. I have many items of furniture around the house that don't belong where they have been placed but have somehow ended up there too!!! x

Deb Robertson Writes said...

Your room looks lovely and hopefully will come together.

Serenata said...

Love your shelf, and the way you chose to redo it. I do like the antique look, nothing like proper wood. It looks very pretty with your lovelies sitting on it.

Great hexies!

Anonymous said...

Your shelf looks great!
I love the colour of your walls and what a great name for your quilt. :)
Who needs Kirstie??
Vivienne x

Thecraftytrundler said...

Love your furniture makeovers, and your makes!
It was funny to hear about your shelves. Twice I have found lovely old chairs at bric-a -brac markets, and have had to carry them home with shopping!! It's all worth it though : )

Sharon xx

{Love, Love, Love} said...

I have been thinking of poor Lily too this week x

- said...

Great decorating job!

Diane said...

I am currently driving my hubby nuts with plans for a "recycled" kitchen. I have all the carcasses and lots of big ideas to spend less than £100 and get a brand new kitchen!! Love your shelf, room and patchwork - all fab. I too feel for Lilly Allen - so heartbreaking.xxxxxx

Lisa said...

Your room looks very cosy. You did a great job with that shelf.
Love the tutti frutti, although it does just make me think of eating sweets.
Take care my lovely.
Lisa x

Unknown said...

It looks great!
And how I love that crocheted heart!
Was it easy to do?

Simone said...

Hello Clare, I hope you are well. After reading your comment on my blog I thought I would check in on you! x Word verification blece- could be read as bless maybe?!!!

paula said...

What a lovely shelf. I once saw one similar to yours by the side of the road free for the taking. I didn't take it at the moment and I kick myself everytime I think of it.