Wednesday 28 April 2010

how the other half live

This is the gorgeous kitchen (aga included) of
Rumwell Park in Somerset.
Where, along with a group of friends I was fortunate enough to spend the weekend.
Actually it was more like country house rescue.
Built in 1857 it is gradually regaining its grandeur with the help of paying guests.
 We had the run of the whole house too!
I could just picture myself as Keira Knightly in Atonement.
This was my favourite room.
My photo really doesn't do it justice, it was huge,
just like something out of a Jane Austen novel.
This is the grand staircase which lead up to the grandest of bedrooms.
And here are the servants quarters stairs which led up to the not so grand bedrooms.
Upon arrival we did a lottery for the rooms.
Always drawn to the stranger side of life; low and behold where do we end up?
Only the creepy room!
To be fair it doesn't look to shabby, however compared to most it was quite dingy.
It had this arrangement of oddities which people thought creepy.
Live and let live I say!
Fortunately we did get a taste of luxury, when we were able to spend our last night in the posh wing!
See what I mean?
With that view as well!
the obligatory roll-top.
This footstool was my favourite thing!
I love the colours, I would quite easily have taken it home with me.
So if you fancy a bit of Mr Darcy its well worth getting some pals together to experience a slice of history.
I'm not sure my feet have touched down yet!!


Simone said...

A wonderful post! I would love to stay in a place like that. Wouldn't like to live there though - would dread the heating bills!!!

Lisa said...

Oh Clare, it's absolutely stunning!
The kitchen is just fab and I would love to walk down that staircase wearing a swishy gown!
Hope you and Mr S are enjoying your week.
Lisa x

Diane said...

The sign of a good house is if you could imagine Mr Darcy coming calling - and i sure can there!! Fantastic - I bet you had a great time and I bet it was hard to leave.xxxxxx

andamento said...

The footstool is lovely, looks like a great place to spend a weekend with friends.

Jackie said...

Wow! What a super house - thanks for sharing! Not sure I'd be too keen on the 'creepy' room though! x

Dawn said...

How lovely to stay in such a beautiful house, it looks amazing!

val said...

How cool was that! You must have had a blast! Did you have the costume to go with it if Mr Darcy had have turned up?
What a fabulous place. Thanks for sharing with such good photos.
Val xx

Linden said...

I just felt i wanted to leave a little comment on this post in particular I enjoy stopping by and enjoy reading some of you lovely ladies super blogs and when i saw Rumwell Park I was amazed to see such a Beautiful Place on my doorstep as I live in Taunton in Somerset and didnt even realise it existed, so thank you
Lin :-)

silverpebble said...

Oh you took us on a wonderful escape. There's nothing like a swing for feeling carefree x

Floss said...

What an experience!