Thursday 22 April 2010

tulip thursday

As promised.
Not quite what I was expecting but beautiful all the same.
These cute orange tulips are ballerina and quite dainty.
I like to peer into their centres which are just as magical as their outers.
These tulips are from the top :
queen of the night
(my favourite tulip)
this week so far I have:

built another cold frame

moved lots of plants around the garden
(it's my fortay)

sowed parsnips, beetroot, broccoli, radish and sprouts

transplanted 15 lupin seedlings and 18 echinacea

eaten the first rhubarb of the year

cycled to my brothers allotment and weeded

spent more time outside than in

and most importantly sent out some parcels! 

I'm a bit ahead of myself this week it must be all this sun making me happy.
So I'm going give you all friday off
and wish you all a sunny weekend!!


A garden just outside Venice said...

Love your shots, but most of all I love your Tulips!

Diane said...

Its arrived!!! Your makes are absolutely beautiful. I love them. Thank you so much Clare. The tulips are stunning too!!!

Jennifer said...

Very pretty tulips. Wow you have gotten a lot done, I am bursting at the seems waiting for the weather to be consistently nice enough to plant.

French Nanny said...

I love those Queen of the Night tulips. I planted them in my garden in England but here, in France,my tulips don't do well. I think it's too hot, too early for them. They come up stunted or the buds die before the flowers open...

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Those tulips are wonderful. I too like to see inside flowers they are little works of art. You have certainly been busy, I feel rather lazy now!!

Simone said...

I love your dark tulip best too. It looks like velvet! I think the weekend is meant to be good weather wise so I think we will both be out in the garden!

Lisa said...

Those purple tulips are just stunning.
What a busy girl you've been!
And your gifts to Diane are very, very, lovely. You have so many talents.
Lisa x

Poppy said...

Gorgeous pictures, the garden is looking lovely!

Love Lou xxx

Bobo Bun said...

Sounds a fabulous way to spend the week. I wish I was a gardener as I like the idea, but not so good at the reality.

Enjoy the weekend.


Floss said...

Wow - you've been busy!

When I left for the UK I thought I was going to hate the pointy tulips that were opening up in our garden, but now I'm back and they're in full bloom I think they look wonderful! They're white, and planted amidst bright pink ones with the conventional shape petal they look fantastic.

Gilly Tee said...

love the tulips, my "queen of the night" arn't quite out yet. Can't wait. Gill(dosie Rosie)

Deb Robertson Writes said...

Stunningly beautiful photos Clare. I'm going to go out THIS WEEKEND and get some tulip bulbs to plant for next spring. It's perfect planting time here. I love your colours, they are amazing. By the way your blog is looking so pretty (I read it in RSS feeds) love all the wee touches!

Anonymous said...

Wow, busy week. Those tulip photos are stunning!
Vivienne x

this is my patch said...

The Ballerina looks great with the Negrita! However much I love them I don't plant tulips in my borders, as I would be forever digging up the bulbs. I just have in containers instead. I have been really busy in my garden too. Gardening is certainly a labour of love! x