Monday 1 March 2010

back to life

.....(writing a blog post whilst listening to soul II soul back to life is tricky
especially as I'm trying to sing along in my still husky voice!)

Oh no now its black box ride on time!
Shall I ever get through this post!
**(explanation for theses tunes)**

Thankyou for all your well wishes
I wish I could say I was 100% better...
I seem to have lots of projects on the go all waiting to be finished for various reasons.
Anyone else still making christmas decorations?
These babes are awaiting their ribbon adornments to be bought, before I can stuff and sew..

A patchwork crochet roll (using some of the fabric I won from Sal)
Waiting to be sewn up...not going to happen until my machine is repaired :(

Crochet snowflakes waiting to be blocked and starched
(no excuses there really)

The beginnings of a patchwork bed runner similar to this one
but a different colourway....fabric of which is still in the shops!

Sneak peek of something to giveaway soon.... 
Now something for the 'addicted to fabric ladies' 
I found these barkcloth curtains in a charity shop
I love their faded charm, 
I'm hoping my husband won't notice if I hang them on the backdoor to our kitchen!

Lastly my swag back which I have received with much delight from my lovely mother in law.
Why do I get so excited over a bag of  old linen?...

Now all I need is a sunny spring day to have a good old-fashioned wash day...

** oops nearly forgot to explain the music choices.
bored after two weeks of daytime tv I tried out spotify which is an online music radio thingy where you can choose what you listen to and make playlists.
So I am making 'the tracks of my years' (not necessary great songs),
but songs that are memorable in my life for one reason or another

currently playing....Dr feelgood Motley Crue (dont ask!!)


Simone said...

I am glad you are 'back to life.....back to reality'! You have loads of lovely projects on the go. I have my finger in about 10 pies at the moment - always starting new things before finishing the old! I love the Christmas gingerbread! x

Julia said...

Good grief those songs bring back some memories for me!! lol
You seem busy, lots of nice things on the go there! Love the snowflakes, very pretty!!

Much love
Julia x x x

Shabby Chick said...

I wish I could do beautiful patchwork like you but I know it I did it would turn out horribly wrong!!! I'd be v excited by the bag of linen too, I spy some exciting looking things in there. I loved the gratuitous granny blanket shots!!! As I can't knit or crochet I do love admiring what other people can do.

Hope you're 100% soon xxx

karenshopes said...

ohh I bet you cant wait to get your hands on that bag of fabric.
Feel better soon...

Karen said...

Keep taking good care of yourself! You look mighty busy!

Sal said...

Crikey... I used to go clubbing (back in the good old days!) and 'Ride on Time' was a huge fave!
Looks like you have a whole lot of stuff to keep you very busy!!
Have a good weekend ;-)