Friday 26 March 2010

the fabric monster and a sneak peek

Not content with just messing up my sewing room...
I seem to be once again taking over the house, though in all fairness it is the fabrics fault really
isn't it??
This thirfted tray is my new best friend, she sits with me on the sofa.
Gradually filling up with each new project started!
For a while I became an ebay monster, it's all to easy clicking that commit to buy key,
mind you, I lose more than I win.
(which can only be a good thing in the old mans eyes!)
Yesterday I had three bundles squeezed through the door, every time I went to pick one up another was pushed through.
Humourous yet thrilling!
Two are above and one below.
This is the first sneak peek for Sal my giveaway winner.
After being inspired by her love of American antique feedsacks I had to get me some.
(a brilliant history of feedsacks can be found on Sals blog)
This one did come from the USA, 
something thats not for the faint hearted and something I wont be doing too often!
Now give me the courage to cut!
My second sneak peek is for Diane.
Not sure what it's going to be.
Hope you like?.....

Have a great weekend once more bloggers!!


Diane said...

Wow!! I'm loving Sals's - You are really productive Claire. xxxx

Kimbles said...

You have been busy and all of that fabric! Ebay is great for crafters -must go and see what a feedsack is! **Kim**

Unknown said...

It all looks busy, pretty and fun and that is the main thing isn't it ? I think the monster has been visiting here too !

silverpebble said...

Ooh I love your new header and all your new projects Clare. Both Sal and Diane look to be very lucky ladies indeed. I'm so intrigued by feedsacks. I watched 'Footloose' recently - they piled up feedsacks (still full of grain) during the final dance. They were gorgeous.

Lisa said...

Who's a busy girl then?
Plus I have some fabric for you!
Lisa x

val said...

Of Course its the Fabrics fault Clare! Otherwise we would be super super tidy ladies ..... but unproductive, uncreative and certainly not CRAFTY ladies!

Helen said...

SOOOh EXCITING!! Is fabric your one weakness?

Sal said...

I am way behind with my comments..sorry! (Lots of lessons to teach!)
I am intrigued! ;-)