Tuesday 8 September 2009

a little help from my friends

I will never under estimate the uplifting power of great friends be they real or virtual.
May I thank you once more for all your inspirational words and blogs.
A special thank you to Jo my good friend who gave me these lovely hydrangeas.
I love them!

The view from my sewing machine.

Jo was amongst some friends who stayed with us at the weekend. With the loft room already taken I returned my sewing room back to a bedroom. (all be it an air-bedroom!)
So now I have a light and airy room and its got me all enthusiastic to make better use of the space.

I've earmarked a table that I've seen on ebay as a hopeful.
As you can see I'm a little cluttered!

Feeling creative (hurrah) I began making my friend
(the how to look good naked one)
some bunting for her birthday. Completely forgetting that the belt on my machine has failed!

Up to the loft to resurrect this old lady that belonged to my aunt.
I've kept her because I love her turquoise enamel finish, but now I'm glad I kept her.
She drops the odd stitch, but did the job!

I love this bunting so much!!

I've really enjoyed my creative splurge
today, even labelling my jam etc.

I'm making up a gift box for her birthday and to celebrate her passing her paramedic exams.
I shall show you the finished parcel later.

I must leave you with this gorgeous dahlia, which I purchased at the local fete on Saturday.
Actually it was a bit of a research outing, as I would like to have a stall next year selling plants, jam, handicrafts etc. Jo is starting up a cupcake business so we were both inspired.

I hope you too have good friends give you that boost when you need it.
I value mine above all.


Floss said...

Hello, she who now seems to be known as Smurfette! Did you know that the Smurfs are called 'Les Strompfs' in French? I think that may make your blog 'Strompfette'!

I'm so glad to hear about your lovely, creative time with your friends.

Simone said...

I am so glad that you are feeling creative again and spent time with friends. The bunting looks great and what's a dropped stitch among friends! x

Thecraftytrundler said...

Lovely post, that jam & bunting looks great!!
You're so right, friends are so precious, and so supportive!! They definitely give you the boost you need. I bet you're friend will love her parcel!!!

((( HUGS )))

Sharon xx

Serenata said...

How lovely, so glad you are feeling a bit brighter :-)

Helen said...

You are right . . . . . . friends are most important . . . . . . they make life special . . . . . they make you feel blessed!

Diane said...

You are very lucky to have such a lovely friend, and she is very lucky to have you. I love the bunting and I love the sewing machine. xxx

Lisa said...

I think I would find it hard to part with that bunting, the colours are very pretty.
Sounds like you had a great weekend.
Take care
Lisa x

Pomona said...

Wonderful sewing machine - the colour is fantastic! And you have a lovely view from your window - must be inspiring !

Pomona x

French Knots said...

You are right friends are si important. I find having a little something planned to do each day helps my frame of mind, even if it only a walk to the shop for milk.
Love your sewing machine, wonderful colour!

Mary Poppins said...

What a beautiful sewing machine, you are a beautiful maker Clare :)

good news about the mojo's have to say mine keep coming and going coming and going ;)

Mmmmm we shall see on the BH front, we ummmm urrrrr came second ;)