Friday 25 September 2009

forever friday

Thanks for all your great comments regarding my photographs. My words have been few and far between of late, for that I apologise. My canon camera (joined at the hip) finally gave up on me in July, after 5 years of good service.

My new camera (soon to be my new hip buddy) is a panasonic lumix which has a 12x zoom and super macro. It also has a lovely big screen which is novel for me as my canon screen was the size of a postage stamp!

There was in fact an ulterior motive for the quick purchase of said camera,
the destination, I shall share in lets say a couple of weeks?
Hope you can wait til then?
I was tagged a long time ago by michela.
So I shall leave you with free things that I like.

peeping at plants in front gardens

creating an a to z of words that describe me

suddenly remembering funny dreams

strange unexplained coincidences

and laughing with Mr Fete, laughing because we are laughing

be back soon...

ps. apologies for the ever so slightly suggestive flower parts!


Lisa said...

Very mysterious post Clare!
Love the laughing with Mr Fete comment.
Enjoy the sunny weekend.
Lisa xx

Unknown said...

Oooh ooh ooh we have the same camera ! Obviously the photographer makes a BIG difference cause my photos have never looked this good .Love yours, suggestive and all !

Floss said...

Flower parts ARE suggestive - just ask Linaeus!

Have a wonderful time at wherever you are going, whenever you go!

I love looking at front gardens too.

Thecraftytrundler said...

FANTASTIC PICS, HUN!! I need a new camera, I wonder if Santa will bring me one?!
What's all this about the suggestive flower parts, eh??!!! Hehehehe!!! : )
Have a lovely weekend.

Sharon xx

Serenata said...

Lovely camera, I have a 10x Panasonic Lumix, I love my camera as well - fantastic little thing!

Michela said...

Hi Clare! Thank you for playing with my tag! And thank you also for your suggestion...I need a new camera to take perfect (as yours)pictures of my flowers!
Have a great weekend!

Simone said...

Your photos just get better and better!!! x

Sal said...

Hi there
Thank you for your kind message.
Could you send me your e mail address please?

this is my patch said...

You are going to love your Lumix! I have an older model, and it is by far the best basic digital camera I have ever had. x

Helen said...

great photos, I am glad you are back, . . . . . . missed you x

noelle said...

Beautiful photos Clare. hmmm can't wait to see where you've been. x