Friday 18 September 2009

So what do you think of the latest fashion?
I'm actually quite liking the inventiveness of today's youngsters.
I'm 35 so I was a kid in the 80s so by the time I got fashion, grunge was in.
(for the record I was wearing grunge before grunge became grunge!)

God I wish I was 19 again!

Can you believe these are today's fashion pages!

Chelsea girl, topshop, snob, eat your heart out!!
Talking of topshop, have you been in there lately?
Its like a timewarp!

hee hee now which one were you??

This is my nod towards the 80s and if you think this is a bit out there,
you haven't been to the shops in a wee while!
Go and take a look!

What has caught your eye this autumn?

ps. am I the only one who swears when I delete photos by mistake?


Floss said...

Well, sadly in France this season, black is the new black. I am so bored by the shop windows that I cannot force myself to look at the clothes in them even when I try. I did spot some more of the 80s Rock Chick look, which reminds me of my friend Ellie, but as I never wore black nothing looks very 'me'.

Being 5 years older than you (sigh) I was more of a Laura Ashley meets country girl meets hippy, with a strong emphasis on not looking like a Wham or Duran-Duran fan.

Thanks for the photos!

Lisa said...

I loved Chelsea Girl and especially Snob. I had my hair cut in there once and it was one of the best cuts I've ever had, I looked fab!
Lisa x

Anonymous said...

hey .. that is some dress!
watched greogory's girl last night and it took me right back to school and dodgy 80's haircuts! .. think i'll give the 80's fashions a miss though as i looked dreadful the first time!!
ginny x

JuliaB said...

heheee great post! I've been wearing nothing but black and red since I was 13 when I discovered Siouxsie Siouk .. hehe.. xx

Diane said...

They always say that if you wore it first time around, your too old to pull it off second time around!! This is why I always come back with nothing when I go shopping. Love your photo by the way. xxx

Ticking stripes said...

Oh dear it all takes me back to Dallas and Dynasty. When you get to my age and have already spread wider than you would wish - the last thing you want is to add shoulder pads! Great blog by the way!

Pomona said...

I always tell myself that if I can remember the first time, then I am too old to wear it now. And I have only just finally chucked out some old shoulder-padded, high-waisted numbers! I'm waiting for pixie boots again - they were so comfy!

Pomona x

The Curious Cat said...

what a sweet little blog that I have just stumbled upon....and some of my friends are here too! xxx