Thursday 3 September 2009


Wow who can believe its September already?

Am I the only one who loved the day of rain yesterday?
It meant that I could get on with some digging today, hurrah!
I'm loving this lacecap hydrangea.
Both my hydrangeas flowered for the first time this year which is nice.

I'm still harvesting lots from the garden and collecting free seed for next year.

Whilst in the harvesting mood I gathered up this beaut from my local cs.

As you can see its a small but original sussex trug and looks good on my fireplace for now.
I am still on the look out for a big one. (trug that is)

Nine and counting!
Yep that's nine jars of jam/jelly so far this year.
Strawberry, raspberry, bramble jelly and my best revelation~
raspberry jelly (for those who don't like bits).

Don't think I will be eating all that jam either!
share and share alike..

Can you guess from my happy book what I've been up to?
Exercise is good for the mind as well as the body
(especially after all that jam testing/tasting!)


Simone said...

Hello Smurfette! I love the music! Your Pumpkins look fab as does your jars of jam. I love this time of year although today has been a bit too windy and blew my skirt right up in the air outside the Civic centre and outside my son's new secondary school in view of a line of boys walking back into the grounds!!! I hope that you are feeling better. x

Thecraftytrundler said...

Love your September post!! the harvesting,the jams and jellies, and that lovely trug!
A lovely, mellow season, hope we all enjoy it!
Take care : )

Sharon xx

Floss said...

Hello there - this is all looking great! I'm also very impressed by your written French - I can babble on to friends and neighbours, but my writing is attrocious! Our tally of jam jars is 0 to me, about 60 to my husband - a colleague of mine once pointed out that he can afford to make jam in his spare time, as he has a wife to tidy up after him!

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Clare
How funny, the layout of your lounge looks the same as mine on your photo!, I too have my sofa there. The fire place in same place! Will have some photos on a future post when work has been completed!
Well done with the jam making!
Isabelle x

Pomona said...

Just discovered your blog via Floss - I was very impressed by your French too! Great to discover you anyway - and can you do butterfly as well? I can only do breast-stroke - hope you had fun in the pool anyway!

Pomona x

Diane said...

The trug is beautiful and looks lovely on your mantlepiece. I love the colour of your walls (I'm so nosey!!). Keep up the swimming!!

Helen said...

Soooh talented!!

noelle said...

Hi smurf, we seem to have had loads and loads of rain lately. Sounds like the swimming is going well. Jam looks great x x

Poppy said...

A lovely warm a cosy post! :0)
I love watching the rain sat indoors, not sure about the digging bit though. I hope you are keeping well!!! Your harvest is looking good.

Take care…love Lou xxx

Lisa said...

How cosy your home looks. We were out looking at leather sofas last night at M & S.
I can't believe it's Sept either, the children go to school next week. We never did make it to Lymington! I may go on my own for the day once they are at school.
Enjoy the weekend.
Lisa x

Joshy and belle said...

the little trug looks so sweet on the mantle, your room looks really peaceful and relaxing! fliss xx

JuliaB said...

Hi C
Lovely post. Sad to hear (catching up with your other posts) that you aren't feeling great. xx