Thursday 5 January 2012


My word for 2012* is connect.
with 60 members already signed up for my first flickr group,
roll on the connections!
My favourite connection right now is my friend across the pond,
Mary from Molly Flanders I think I may have mentioned her before LOL
She is my partner in crime and is on a one woman mission to get me out there!
I think it's working Mary..thanks x
My connection today is to share my inspiration for
the rose star block party
(click on the sidebar pic to join in)
If you are struggling with a colour scheme
why not get inspiration from something you love.
I love this little plate,
the colours are fabulous.
It takes out the guess work when you know a scheme already looks great.
Whats your inspiration and your word?

*word of the year idea courtesy of Simone from Linden Grove
*green tunic Zara sale
*red leather radio Santa Claus
*patchwork pickledish quilt Molly Flanders
*music playing in my head Connection by Elastica


Andrea said...

Hi -I just joined your group yesterday ( my first ever Flickr group ). Really looking forward to starting this although I have ufo's coming out of my ears and promised myself I wouldn't start anything new in January - so much for that - lol ! Anyway glad to have found you - will probably do mine scrappy as that's my favourite type of quilt xxx

Floss said...

A good word! Life sounds very exciting - and I love the idea of picking your colour scheme from the plate. Obviously, with my skills (lol)and availability I won't be joining your rose star group, but I plan to follow enthusiastically! Have I wished you a Happy New Year? I think not, so have a wonderful 2012.

Unknown said...

Love your word. Very apt. I've been thinking about mine over lunch, but havent come up with anything special yet. I will come back and tell you when I have!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

I love that little plate too and the tunic!!!!
I'm not a quilter but I do love quilts, so I'm going to keep an eye on the whole adventure!
Wasn't Santa very good to you. :)
V x

Lisa said...

Wow Father Christmas was very good to you, lovely looking radio, very stylish. Talking of stylish love your new top too. Oh and the dish.
Lisa x

Lynne said...

It's great to see how someone else gets their inspiration. My inspiration is simple, -looking through the fabrics I have, and hoping I can manage. That's what I've been doing today.
You have already made progress with your word. I have been thinking that my word is determined.

Simone said...

Connect is a great word choice Clare and I hope you make lots of connections through it! I love your top by the way - very stylish and artisan! x

Lucy | Charm About You said...

Mary is amazing! I bit the bullet and joined the group :)
I love your inspiration. I'm going with fabric that might not go perfectly together but I love it!!

Nicky said...

Oh how could I resist!?