Wednesday 4 May 2011


He's a lamb* of course..and a cute one at that.
He's not your average sheep either,
he's extra woolly.

I've been doing a lot of thinking the last few days.
Now I'm not getting deep here.
I think I need a break from blogging before I start to conform.
The whole reason I began writing my thoughts down,
was to celebrate my creative life,
and share ideas.
I hope I come across as being an individual and not 
just another sheep..
...nothing wrong with being a sheep either,
it's just not my way.
My life would be easier if I did conform,
it's just never been me...

*lamb courtesy of a local small holding
in the New Forest


Lisa said...

I wondered what you've been doing.
Keep in touch.
Lisa xx

{Love, Love, Love} said...

You are definitely an individual in a good way, me dear xx

Simone said...

I don't think you are like a sheep at all clare. I enjoy reading about your patchwork and the garden and I like your sense of humour too. Make the most of your blogging break but please come baaaaaaaack soon! x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

You are what you are Clare, you're right not to try to be anything other than that!
Vivienne x
P.S. Cute lamb. :)

**Anne** said...

I've never seen a post of yours that made me think you were conforming. Your profile explains your position on blogging beautifully. If you need a break from blogging (I think we all do occasionally), go for it, but I will miss your posts. :)
Anne xx

Louise said...

Life would be so boring if we all conformed! x

PS. Just have to say that's some cute lamb!

Diane said...

Its very early in the morning, but I thought you were going to tell me that you were going to keep sheep! xxxxxx

Serenata said...

You are certainly not a sheep, but rather a lovely individual and interesting lamb :-) I have always found your posts enjoyable. I so know what you mean about not conforming though!

Floss said...

Wise thoughts. I've found that I get to screaming point if I allow myself to blog too long - these once a month week-long breaks I've been taking continue to make blogging a pleasure for me instead of a kind of compulsion or a desire for affirmation. Very much looking forward to your return when you judge it appropriate!



Lynne said...

You're no sheep Clare. I always enjoy my visit to you. Will miss you if you do take a break, but come back refreshed. I quite understand the need for a break, I seem to be on one most of the time these days.

Vintage Tea Time said...

Take a break if you feel the need, but do come back - I really like your blog! Sheep-like? - no way! Abby x

Peeriemoot said...

I'm not sure what's bothering you but I enjoy your blog and don't think you're a sheep, very much an individual in fact! And I lol'd at 'royal wadding' :-D.

Unknown said...

I too have been awol! Conformity - you are no conformist! xx

Yvonne Moxon said...

Aww I love to come and read your posts and you make me laugh, whatever you need to do for you is right but I will miss your posts, I dont always leavea comment but I do always enjoy your posts :)