Friday 27 May 2011

fresh air friday

 It's Chelsea week again.
There has been lots of talk
 about gardening for wildlife.
I'm already doing my bit,
so here is the part of the garden that 
I call the wild.
 It's hard to believe its little more than a year 
since I began digging this area.
It's the shady side of the garden,
so I've used woodlandish plants.
It's also intended to be low cost,
with mainly plants already growing in the garden
like this rhododendron (which the bees love),
but also selfsown plants and plants I've divided.
 So there are ferns and hostas from my Mums garden.
 Self sown vebascum mullein.
 Primula bulleyana
 I love their silvery stems topped with the orange buds!
 White foxgloves 
a throw back from free seeds three years ago.
This is becoming my favourite spot in the garden,
maybe because of the lack of gardening needed,
it's just so relaxing..
and goes to prove you don't need a fortune to create
a show lovely garden.
And the rewards for wildlife gardening..
the wildlife of course!
I love the chirps of baby birds especially black birds.
Looks like the weather maybe a little dodgy this weekend,
but to be truthful
'the garden needs it!'

Have a great weekend everyone!

still suffering with the worst hayfever
since records began!
this garden might turn into an all green affair...


Simone said...

What rotten luck to have hayfever when you love the garden so much! I love the 'wild' part of your garden and the fact it is low maintainance is also a bonus. Have a great weekend with not too much sneezing and watery eyes! x

Mary said...

LOVE Foxglove! I have about three plants that just keep re-seeding...for which I am very thankful! I used to suffer so much from hayfever, but as I got older it got much better. I hope the same is true for you...there should be an up side to growing older anyway! Thanks for the visit in your garden!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

I love that pretty little primula and the white foxglove is beautiful. My foxgloves are all pink, I would love some white ones!
Have a lovely weekend Clare. :)
Vivienne x

Serenata said...

Your garden is looking lovely. We're hoping to do some work in the garden this weekend. I've still got three rhododendrons to plant.

It is lovely watching the baby birds isn't it?

Diane said...

It all looks so very lovely. Just short of the lovely Mr Titchmarsh! I cant believe you get hayfever! xx

potterjotter said...

Will we be seeing your talents at Chelsea sometime in the near future, I wonder? It looks wonderful - my whole garden is a bit wild, though not by design, really.

Nicky said...

Your garden looks lovely - pity about the hayfever - I get that too. What we need is rain - helps sort out garden and hayfever!

I was told by the doctor I'm probably allergic to tree pollen so not much I can do about that apart from keep taking the tablets!

Vintage Tea Time said...

That area of your garden is lovely - I love foxgloves. Sorry about the hayfever - what a nuisance - can you take anything like piriton? Abby x

greenthumb said...

The garden is looking great, O how I would love to be sitting in the warm sunshine in your garden.

Lisa said...

Looking forward to checking all the different bits out of your fabulous garden later on in the summer! I have loved the CFS coverage. Never been there, wish I had gone this year though.
Lisa x

littlemissmk said...

love the foxgloves. so pretty. wish my thumb wasn't black!