Saturday 5 February 2011

a little blue skye

It is very much a grey day here.. here's a little blue skye.
She is hoping to make friends..
It's just a case of finding them!
I am hoping that some of you have
a little blue skye
this weekend!
Maybe even a
ray of sunshine...


**Anne** said...

Oh beautiful blue and white bear. I just love the blue flower at the front. Looking forward to seeing the bear friends.
Anne xx

All things nice... said...

Skye is so cute :) Well done, you will have to make Peppa the pink pig now :)

All things nice...

Anonymous said...

We have typically pants weekend weather today down (or up) here in the middle. Grey and soggy.....brill eh ;)

Anonymous said...

No blue skies here I'm afraid!
So glad your little Skye popped in to brighten the day, what a gorgeous little bear. :)
Vivienne x

Louise said...

No blue sky here either! x

Floss said...

Hello, I thought of you when I put that little piece of patchwork down under my plate!

Vintage Tea Time said...

Gorgeous little bear! Love your tiles too! Pretty grey and rainy here:( Fingers crossed it's better tomorrow.

Simone said...

Thank you for sharing your little blue skye. I hope you will be sharing your little ray of sunshine with us too when she comes out!!!

Serenata said...

Oh she is just my sort of teddy! Absolutely gorgeous. I love her.

No blue sky here today unfortunately,

Diane said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the little bear. NO blue skies here this weekend, very dark, heavy rain filled skies and really strong gusty winds!!! xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Clare

No offence taken at all - I'm open to a bit of gardening advice as I'm no Alan Titchmarsh and I need all the help I can get! :)

I'm actually trying out a bit of an experiment in seeing whether I can extend my growing season by planting just one month earlier for some of my crops (just using half a packet of seeds and comparing them to the half I plant later outside). All my little "babies" are indoors apart from my leeks and onion seeds which are out in the greenhouse and they seem to be ok so far - touch wood. They won't go out til they have been hardened off and for the main of my crops I'll start sowing direct outside next month (probably end of March).

I'm lucky too that the kitchen gets a lot of light for pretty much all of the day due to the position of our house so hopefully things will go to a sort of organised plan lol!!! If not, it'll be a good way to learn if it all falls on its' arse!!! :)

I have visited before and you're right - it's a great site and really useful so thanks for that as I do appreciate it. :0)