Friday 25 February 2011

clare and the machine

 Can one ever have too much patchwork?
You may have noticed the hand sewn heavy posts of late.
Well the truth is I have been afraid of my new machine.
You see this new fangled all singing and dancing thing 
(janome qxl605)
is quite a different animal!
Given the choice again I probably would have stuck with an 
old skool machine.
That said I am sure the love will happen,
its just a slow burner...
...even the constant humming seems to be fading,
or maybe it's just my tinnitus getting worse!
 I am supposed to be tidying that stash..
funny how we always get side tracked!
Have you seen the impromptu wall hangings?
 They are tea-towels from one of my favourite bloggers
Some very good advice there I think.
My mini quilt/table mat/wall picture
is a little practice piece.
Ooh but wouldnt it make a lush quilt!
(love how my camera finds my late grandmothers face
with the face recognition feature  : )
Thank you for all your inspiring comments on the quilting of the quilt.
Although I like hand quilting I'm not loving the thought of actually doing it.
Plus the quilt is really very busy already,
I think simple machine quilting would be less fussy.
I'm putting it off for now!
Back to the stash I think.
Here is a recent acquisition, 
a piece of vintage material which I shall use for a 
fussy cut tutorial.
news alert*

John Lewis have Rob Ryan stuff!!!!!!!
I am seriously coveting this umbrella.
Roll on my birthday...and some rain?


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Well perhaps just your birthday, can we skip the rain!!!
Love all your hexagons! :)
Vivienne x

Terrie said...

Oooo I love Rob Ryan!

I used to do patchwork a lot. However I have only ever done it by hand and have never quilted. Is quilting difficult by hand? I do have a sewing machine but have never had the patience to learn how to use it (and I have broken the foot off it!)Perhaps one day!

koralee said...

What joy over here today...I love all this sweetness. I soooo want a cute wall hanging. Your little quilt is darling.


Vintage Tea Time said...

I love the little quilted piece in your first pic - and the framed piece - lovely! Oooh, yes, a great umbrella! Have a good weekend. Abby x

Aunty Bee said...

I'm seriously scared of my machine bought it 3 years ago and have gone back to using my old Brother or hand quilting. I love the hexie cushion, looking at your lovely things gives me a lift, have to take Aj to work this morning don't know how we are going to get there, it will be an adventure.

Unknown said...

lol! I laughed when you said you were afraid of your new machine as I am always scared of mine! lol xx

{Love, Love, Love} said...

What a great stash of loveing fabrics to hopefully keep you busy xxx

Sal said...

Well I reckon you are progressing well with your crafting ! ;-)
I love the Rob Ryan designs...and especially that cute little vase!
Enjoy your weekend!
;-) x

potterjotter said...

Your patchwork is sooo cheery - just what we need at the mo. Am sorry, but if you get that brolly, could you just use it as a parasol as I cannot contemplate the thought of rain on top of all this greyness!!

Diane said...

Ive still got my ancient machine - the new ones look too complicated for me. xxxx