Friday 15 October 2010

right now

This morning I have been reading your blogs in bed!
One in particular has captured me
A refreshingly kooky blog, 
thats got me hooked, no it is not a crochet site!
This post is an homage to Tavi,
god I wish I was 14 again!!
Why was I up so early?
My husband has knobbed off to Barcelona with his mates..
..blogfest methinks?

The above was me setting up for a photo,
sometimes the mistakes are the best.

I am wearing my favourite colour of the mo
Whats that grey thing around my neck?
Why that's my chunky crochet so far.
Anyone who has experience will have realised that I didn't buy enough of one single colour to make :

a. a long enough scarf
or b. a full sized cowl!
Oh the irritation!!

Silly me thinking 100grams was loads, 
but its weight isnt it?
Chunky=heavy yarn...duh

More about the cowl when I get more yarn.

friday feelings

Eaten:  porridge with homemade jam, its the best thing!
Heard:  Barry Manilow-I heard it through the rain
and I'm loving it!
Thought:  I like my hair long, I'm growing it for winter!! 
Felt:  Cold feet!

Bye for now, I shall be stalking your blogs this weekend
watch out!!!


Bobo Bun said...

That sounds an ok kind of stalking to me.

I checked the link you left for the yarn, thanks for that as it's great. Finally somewhere there's more choice of colourful cottons. Shame about you being held up waiting for more though.

Have a good weekend.


marble rose said...


It's gorgeous - same colour I bought - BEGGAR I only bought one aswell - just got my order through - beggar am going to have to order again. You live and learn -

Tanks for your help!!! Will keep you blog posted.


Diane said...

Barry =- I made it through the rain - or any Barry song (You know I love him). Wished you lived closer. xxxx

{Love, Love, Love} said...

I have no objections to being stalked in the best kinda way! Loving your 'EATEN' etc bit..although not sure about Barry! Strangly enough, I too am growing my hair for winter and I always have cold I starting to sound like a stalker??? x