Saturday 16 October 2010

its blooming autumn?

Okay so this post was going to be just an update on the crochet
But I've just wandered round the garden, and there is still so much in bloom
I had to share.

The first is an orangy pompom dahlia lismore sunset
purchased as a root cutting this year from Gilberts nursery.
Orders must be submitted before spring,
I am thinking I might order more as they are an economical way of having beautiful colour in the garden in Autumn.
The rose still very much in bloom is Burgundy Ice.
So here it is~all 24 inches of it!
I think to make it long enough to actually go round my neck,
I may need 3 more skeins!

Another pompom dahlia~willows surprise
I do love them!

I'm still very much a newbie to this crochet lark.
I like how this year has turned out.
Never thought I'd get a yarn addiction!

Now what to do with the rest of the chunky?
I am inwardly thinking a granny extreme?

Too passe?

ps. there would have been more blooms but blogger is being rubbish!


Gilly Tee said...

love the Dahlias.I still have quite a few in bloom as well, they are such good value arn't they.

Juliab said...

Those dahlias are just perfection - not a petal out of place. Your scarf is looking great BTW. Enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous said...

Oh those dahlias are gorgeous!!
Scarf is looking good!
Vivienne x

Simone said...

I love your Dahlias! I am definitely going to grow more of them next year. Your scarf is growing nicely. I have a 12 inch neck so it would wrap around mine twice!!! I am glad you get apt word verifications when you come to my blog - this one says 'pingism' whatever that is!!! x

Gillian said...

Oh what a joy to see your beautiful Dahlias, they are my favourite flower and the pompom ones are just gorgeous!!!

ooooh your scarf is looking lovely, love that shade!

knitalatte said...

Dahlias and Mustard crochet go great together.
Love the scarf and the pom-pom dahlias make my heart go pitter patter.

Keepapi Creative said...

hmmm Autumn colour... I am tempted by these in the garden/allotment. Do they pick nicely?
Crochet looking good. well done! I am crocheting again at the mo after several years of knitting & sewing. Those colours are rather tempting aren't they. not sure what a granny extreme is so can't comment on its passe nature!
Jacs x

Lisa said...

So you were busy this weekend with Mr S off on a little jaunt. Liking the mustard colour.
Lisa x

Lisa said...

Nothing grand don't get excited! Just a couple of little bits for Christmas cards, will share later!
Lisa x

liset said...

Wauw that first flower is almost a origami piece.. Beautiful. (is it a dahlia?)


какие насыщенные цвета!))