Monday 22 March 2010


Its a lovely sunny morning here in the south.
I hope you all had a slice of sun at the weekend?
Last night I wrote down lots of lovely bloggers names and popped them in a tin.
33 entries~ my favourite number!
So this morning with no pomp or ceremony I casually dipped my hand in and picked out a name.
Diane at heart shaped!!
I gave a choice of patchwork or crochet.
Diane liked both!
Diane I really don't have any idea what to make! 
If there is anything you like in particular/colourwise/style let me know.
I said winners didn't I?
As it was my 2nd year anniversary, I feel it's my prerogative to choose a winner for personal reasons.
This lady discovered me and my blog back when I was billy no mates!
She constantly inspires and encourages me.
Hopefully she knows who she is?


Diane said...

Is that me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Simone said...

Well done to the lucky winners!

Diane said...

I feel so lucky!!! I really dont mind what you make Claire - I will be happy with anything - and you always pick such lovely colours. Thank you!! xx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the winners, lucky ladies!!
I'm having a little giveaway this week myself, if you're interested!

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Well done that woman!

Lucky you having sun down south. It is chucking down up here in Manchester!

noelle said...

well done Diane! Just a bit jealous, wonder what you will make Clare x x x

Bobo Bun said...

What lucky bloggy ladies. Silly me, I kept meaning to stop by with my comment and kept forgetting.

Hope you have a great week.

Lisa x

Lisa said...

Congrats to the winners!
I checked today and the table top sale is this Sat 27th at 11 at the Totton and Eling Bowls Club. Hope you bag yourself a few bargains!
Yes it would be good to meet up soon.
Lisa x

Stitchy said...

Congratulations to the winners!

Hi, I just discovered your blog (a little late huh?) and I love it. Beautiful photos, colours and workmanship. I hope to follow you for the next two years!

Rebecca X

Sal said...

Oooh is it me..I wonder... I did discover you many moons ago!!
;-) x

Lisa said...

Lots of fabric to keep you busy with patchwork.
By all means come over to have a rummage in the shops here! The school hols start soon and you could come over to meet the children or leave it until they return. I'll leave it up to you.
Lisa x

Christy said...

Happy 2nd Anniversary! Your blog is just lovely and I'm sure many more successful blogging years await. :)