Monday 8 March 2010

dare to be different!

Before I continue...I must say I am feeling much better!
After two weeks of moping and generally being un-creative,
I think (eh hem) I have bounced back...
....10 stripes down so far...
Once again I have the madness of the hook!
Ever since I learnt to crochet I've been lusting after
'the ripple'
(I'm loving how the two crochet blankets have a similar tone, not intentional)
This being only my second crochet project I was keen to try something different.
My chosen yarn is rowan felted tweed aran, I wanted something with texture and boy it has bucket loads!
Its a mix of merino wool, alpaca and viscose, and I'm using a 5mm hook, 
which means this is going to be one totally chunky and very toastie blanket!
The colour choice was pretty limited, but actually goes with my kind of style, 
and as I walk round the house trying to find the best light I am amazed how many rooms it could fit into.
You see I'm really not a Cath Kidston advocate,
dont get me wrong,
I do love 'the look' (and the fabric). 
I do like the trend for bright colours too.
  But deep down however I know what I like and what I will still like in 10 years time.
(I had a fluffy cushion when they were all the rage!)
Whilst we are on the subject of colour....
we recently had our wooden sash (double glazed!!) windows fitted.
Gotta love the sash!
Guess who gets to paint them??
Great fun!
Anyway it's time for a change. We have lived in this house for four years and the only thing in the bedroom we changed were the curtains. So its quite exciting!
Do you like our choice of ladies foundation testers! (all skins catered for!)
We are going for the bottom one which is called maplewood mmmmm....maple syrup....
 Remember my star quilt that I made this time last year?
Its had a fair bit of use this winter, so I'm hoping to make more to sell some day,
only wish the piecing wasn't so time consuming!
Now I have the two together I can see similar colour choices emerging!
ps. did anyone see Emmas crochet scarf in Larkrise?


Sal said...

I love the colours!! It will all look wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I love your colours! I know what you mean about bright colours, I like them in other peoples homes but when it comes to my home I more neutral and earthy in my taste! I've tried but it's just not me.
Vivienne x

Floss said...

The colours really are very YOU - when I saw the photo on my bloglist I didn't need to see your name to know who had posted it! I'm glad that you have a lasting taste - it means these crafts are going to be as important to you in years to come as they are now.

Lynne said...

Yes I saw Emmas shawl and liked the turqouise in it. I made myself a crochet shawl once a cream one with a fringe, when they were in fashion. That's a few years ago now.
Your colours look lovely and will stand the test of time.

Lisa said...

Oh yes I'm loving the new ripple!
Tis quite gorgeous!
And the new bedroom colour is looking v good. Anyhting with maple in the name has got to be a winner.
Lisa x

Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

I'm having a little ripple myself at the moment and love the colours in yours. With you on the CK ... it is lovely but again is not really me and I much prefer your colour scheme. Love the quilt too .... I'm trying to pick out the colours in fabrics I use and match them with yarn for cushion covers and blankies x

Twiggy said...

I noticed Emmas scarf and thought, love that teal crochet. I also fancied the red velvet outfit Dorcas was wearing, just the thing for the school walk :)
Twiggy x

Ellouise88 said...

Lovely lovely colours! I am doing a ripple blanket for my daughter in really bright colours and although it is better than I expected, my choice would be entirely different! Loving the paint colour; very similar to my living room!

Unknown said...

I can understand the lust for the ripple just love it.

melanie said...

Loving the ripple blanket, it is lovely, and your quilt that you made is just divine.
I love Emmas shawl, it is really lovely. xxx

Simone said...

The ripple blanket is coming along nicely. I like the colour tones too. My taste is for the more muted and natual colours but I like a touch of the brights especially when the weather has been bleak. I do like the 'foundation' testers on the wall!

Dawn said...

Your ripple colours are lovely - I'm not that into CK either.
And yes I too admired Emmas scarf/shawl!

Karen said...

The bottom one will be beautiful--and so is your crocheting!

val said...

I love your ripple and your colour choice. I am just attempting a ripple - trying to do the first row is not so easy - I don't like going into the foundation row as I keep getting mixed up which chain I am supposed to be working in, but you seem to have got into the swing of it so I will carry on! Thank you for the inspiration. Can't wait to see your shop!
Val xx

Lisa said...

Hello Mrs.
I;m sure I saw a notice in Totton the other day about a table top sale in March, towards the end of the month. At the bowling green club??? Will see if i can remember to check next week.
Thank you for your kind words and comments recently. Darn family getting on my nerves!
Hope all is well with you.
Must catch up soon, although I will confess I haven't picked up a crochet hook for weeks!
Lisa xx

val said...

Hi Clare, Thanks for stopping by my little blog and for your encouraging remarks. I DID carry on through the first two rows and now I am really HOOKED on Rippling! In fact Ripples Rock. :0)
My wool isn't very appealing in colours but I am just using what I had .... so it's going to be a Raspberry and Chocolate Ripple.
Have a lovely Sunday,
Val xx

ginny said...

i love the way you use colour clare... you have a fantastic eye...i adore all the colours in your ripple!